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Pregnant And No Insurance

Pregnant And No Insurance

No Insurance and pregnant

I'm just going to talk a little bit about what my wife and i are going through since she's been gotten pregnant my wife and I about nine months ago decided that we might be interested in and having a baby and we weren't going to try really hard but we just weren't going to not try and so we started looking into i started looking into getting some maternity insurance because our insurance as we go outside of our company and our insurance doesn't do maternity insurance which I was very surprised to see that most insurance companies don't

so what we did is is I started looking around at other companies that do cover maternity and what I found out is that most of them want to assign a 12 month contract agreeing that you will not get pregnant for the 12 months but go ahead and paying the 300 to 400 dollar-a-month premium for the 12 month duration of the contract will be void if you got pregnant before the 12-month period and then after 12 month period are kind of concern was what could she get pregnant also and then how long would that take after that how long will we continue paying this premium before the insurance kicked in so with that being said that we really were a budget like everybody else and we we opted out of doing that program

well then about two months later my wife was pregnant and where we've been celebrating except for now they now the real cost and everything the real reality of how much everything is going to cost is now hit us so we went to first thing we did a lot of people do is we were told to go to Medicaid and then see if we qualify for any government assistance so we went in there and we don't want my wife and i make over the minimum was just supposed to make it was really interesting though because a lot of friends and a lot of co-workers and people told me that they'd gotten on Medicaid and and that we were too if I pretended like I left there and she went by herself and and pretend like i wasn't going to support the baby and all the stuff that that they would immediately take care of her and and we didn't want to go that route or are try to do anything you know i'm legit so so we didn't do that rope but it's amazing

how many people have this is just one thing but anyways so we went and found out and I got some quotes from the doctor and the doctors that we really really really liked and then felt comfortable with with no insurance was going to cost thirty-five hundred dollars and if you wanted to make payments on that it was going to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of like fifty two hundred dollars which was pretty dramatic to us of 1700 hour difference that's from making payments versus just paying it outright so that was that's kind of a shocker so we will be looking at that beer in my boat we just got that finished paid off when you leave we finished paying that

off just about three or four weeks ago my wife is six-and-a-half months now and we so now i started the next thing let's start looking into hospital see how to get an idea of how much that was going to cost and then that was the real shocker that the Baptist Hospital here was gonna charge us 13,500 dollars and that was to cover the mom and then baby apparently that you got mom's bill and babies bill and that together natal male the rough estimate that wasn't a guarantee or anything like that 13,500 dollars with no insurance pretty much made me want to crap so I I i call them back and I say okay is there any kind of discounts you know we don't have

any insurance we don't have maternity insurance we have regular insurance and they said old was that you have regular insurance then there's nothing that we can do for you if you pay it all off and full will give you a 10-percent discount now so of course if I if I just got paid off in full of that I have been I wouldn't be asking for discounts so so then you know I kind of read about 44 two weeks and a lot of people told me and it's true that if you have a hospital bill you can pay like twenty dollars a month they'll never report it and it's not collecting interest so don't fret of that Ryan everything's fine but then again I don't want to make my kid to be 10 years old by the time I finally pay for it being born i would like to be thinking about college or something you know so so what we decided to do is I I called around other hospitals to find out what we could do

what with the charge be I call this one half of the very next hospital like all right I told him my situation and she told me don't claim my insurance at all she said if I don't claim any insurance and like i said i have regular basic insurance I've been paying it and if you don't claim that all and you don't have any insurance their costs would be twelve thousand one hundred dollars that's normal cost but you get a 62 and a half percent discount if you are uninsured bring it down to like 50 $500 that it's amazing and so and I said you know and she said that's nothing goes wrong and I i try to come back with well if I have I do have regular coverage so something does go wrong at does cover Anna and she said we'll just don't mention that because the only way you get the discounts it's just it's crazy to me because you get punished for having insurance won't pay insurance i just couldn't get maternity because the weird 12-month thing so any other parents out

there who don't have insurance and the freaking out or whatever it turns out after that I called several other hospitals and all of them offer some kind of great program will cut your bill I mean literally that was 60-some percent almost all of them would cut down by forty percent if you could pay it all off they would give you an additional discount and it it's pretty remarkable so I I just wanted to tell people out there guess don't mention your insurance if you're in that if you're in that circumstance don't drop it but just don't report it I don't know if I'm being misleading or not but if the guy next to me who hasn't paid anything is getting discounts and then I'm not getting into stuff discounts because I'm paying just seems kinda wrong so I'm not gonna feel guilty about not reporting my insurance but yeah so just I would you know.
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How To Get Pregnant Quick

How To Get Pregnant Quick

Best Tip To Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

It used to be that you were you know I don't know my twenties and and most of my thirties us to try to avoid getting pregnant and then you go thank God that you just have sex and then you get pregnant but then it gets so complicated these are going to it to you try and then the fertility specialist says you need to try for at least a year and you try for a year and you get frustrated and then you start going on forums and these are reading it and it just makes you grow your hair out but when I turned 40 I was taking a class with a fertility specialist and i think i was 39 at the time and and I was turning 40 and he said at 40 you have less than eight percent chance of having a baby with your own egg and I thought

oh my god it's so true my mother always told me you're waiting too long and you know eight percent chance so the number one thing I tell people it sounds ridiculously stupid to tell people this but time and time again couples who are trying are not tracking their fertility and then it's so important and i know you're using those are ovulation predictor kids but as you get older those are not a reliable source to know when you're ovulating so when you start tracking your fertility you know exactly when you're ovulating because we're those predictor kits it doesn't tell you that you ovulate is telling you that you're having an LH luteinizing hormone search it can't guarantee that you're ovulating

after that and as you get older you know that your hormones and everything else it's it's a it's a little unpredictable so you need to know exactly what's going on he didn't know that you have proper cervical mucus because that's how the sperm travels up to fertilize the egg so that's so important and then you need to be having sex it's like no kidding you need to be having sex but I talk to people all the time and they're not having enough sex you have that window every much question do you know how long sperm can survive in a woman's body in a woman's uterus 72 hours it's three days so you need to know exactly when you're ovulating and then you need to be having intercourse

not just on the day of ovulation you be having it the day before ovulation the day before that and the day before that you can even have the day before that so three days in a row but there's a caveat to that you need to test your partner's sperm count and I talked to so many couples and her husband are the partners putting it all on the woman to do all this lab work and to do you know everything else and I know it's a it's an ego thing it's kind of scary to figure out maybe it's you but thirty percent of the time it's a man sperm low motility lo poor quality low sperm count you need to get that checked

because if you don't have at least seven to 10 million a viable sperm is going to be very very difficult and that's a big problem so you need to go get that test it's so easy you just go you whack off into a cup and then they tested and it is no big deal you need to go do that right away and then if you have enough sperm then you need to be having intercourse you ovulate say your say you're ovulating on day 14 which is not an exact date people think oh I because i have a 28-day cycle ovulate on day 14 I heard a story of a man and woman they tried for years and years and years and finally when they started tracking guess what they were ovulating on day 10 and

there miss ovulation every single month how frustrating and once they figured actually got pregnant right away but say that you're ovulating on gate 17 then on day 14 15 and 16 you're having intercourse and after you and missionary style is best because where we don't want to make those from work too hard to want to make it as easy as possible and then you're laying on your back and you're staying that you're not urinating after sex you are laying there laying there laying there 15 minutes and i like to use I got a tip about that warm water bottle and people ask me where do you put the warm water bottle you put it up against the vagina it's not a hot water bottle is a warm water bottle it just helps excite the sperm so you're having sex on those three days and they're having sex on ovulation so that's what you need to be doing that's the number one tip to getting pregnant.
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Best Way To Get Pregnant Fast

Best Way To Get Pregnant Fast

How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

We're going to talk about how to get pregnant now when you ask that question to the average high school kid you probably going to be greeted with some giggling and and a answer of well it's obvious the the way to get pregnant is to just have sex and that's where babies come from well that is true for five out of six couples it for them it just happens naturally pretty easily but for one out of six couples sadly that's that's not the case and so the majority of people are insensitive to what infertility couples us suffer and that they actually have to think about you know why it's not happening and think of what they can do

so let's um let's start by answering this question let me ask you this what are the different ways to get pregnant you can think about that well I'll give you a hint prior to the nineteen hundreds there was only one way to get pregnant and that that is just to have sex and get pregnant naturally intercourse so the way that works is that the sperm and the egg have to come together and how does that work this is a uterus ok this is a this is a model of the uterus it sir it's a fairly abnormal uterus or a few fibroids and all that but it will serve nicely for this demonstration

so these are the ovaries right here these are what contained the eggs and every month a woman will release eggs and when they release they come out of the ovaries and then they get into the fallopian tube so they they come out of the ovaries and they get sucked into the fallopian tube so they're right here in this part of the tube just waiting patiently for the sperm to show up then at the time of sexual intercourse sperm are deposited right here in the vagina and this some of them will make their way up to here now how does this work well when the sperm are deposited here in the vagina ninety-nine percent of it is wasted it will just leaked out or it will just a sperm will die in the environment of the vagina the vagina is not very friendly

to the sperm it's an acidic environment sperm donor liver and while in the vagina but where they cannot survive is if they reach here where the cervix is that's the cervix and the cervix makes something called cervical mucus and the cervical mucus helps keep the sperm alive enough that it can travel through the Great Barrier of the mucus and then up here into the uterine cattle once it reaches the uterine cavity if it has any strength left at all it can make it out here into the fallopian tubes and if there's an egg waiting and they collide with each other than fertilization takes place once fertilization takes place than the baby the fertilized embryo marches down the tube into the uterus where to plant in plants here and start to growing for the next nine months and becomes a baby

so that is the real obvious answer right so again I ask you what are the different ways to get pregnant while one answer is through natural sexual intercourse but there are at least two other answers that are correct after the nineteen hundreds technology got advanced to the point of doing something that was fairly low tech and that is just to deliver the sperm right to where the eggs should be waiting and how does that work that it's done through a process called intrauterine insemination so here we have a syringe Sosa rings can be used to hold liquid in this case we can put processed sperm inside this range so we never inseminate Rosberg because there are substances in the indie Jack elated sperm that can cause a lot of painful contractions in the uterus and there are also some substances that we would prefer not to be in there such as bacteria or dead sperm or blood cells and things like that

so what we do is we take the raw sperm and we process it in the lab for into we have a very clean sample and we also do certain methods to separate the best sperm from all the bad ones so we end up with a fairly good sample of good sperm here in a strange and then what we do is we attach it to a catheter so this catheter then is used right here to pass through the vagina and then it passes into the cervix and then the sperm are injected right into the uterine cavity once it's injected into the uterine cavity this this model right here is not physical not anatomically accurate because it shows all the space but in reality the uterus instead of being a space like my hand it's more like a closed fist so this cavity is really just a virtual space so once you inject fluid in there there's no room for it to go anywhere

other than out into the tubes okay well a little bit will leak out back this way but most of it will go out into the tubes to where the sperm is so this is a very simple technique this is something like they could have probably done in medieval times with you know like a reed or something like that and just you know made up a way to do intrauterine insemination and so that's another way to get pregnant now this way is better and that the sperm gets a lot lot closer to where it's supposed to go most people who can get pregnant with intrauterine insemination can also get pregnant naturally but the odds are just better with the insemination

because there's so many more sperm they get to where it needs to go as opposed to just having a few you know sperm make it okay there's one more way ever since the late nineteen seventies there was a way where the eggs are physically taken out of the body ok they're taken out of the body and brought into the laboratory then in the laboratory under a microscope the sperm are injected directly into the egg and this up well sometimes it's injected into the egg sometimes a sperm are sort of just sprinkled on top of the eggs but in but in either case in the laboratory fertilization takes place and once the fertilized embryos have been created then we watch them to see which ones look like they're growing the healthiest

then we select the best ones and then we take those and we go through the through the cervix and implant the transfer the embryos into the uterus and we want them to implant there ok in fact we can even do fancy stuff like take part of the embryos and do a genetic analysis so we can see which ones are have the normal number of chromosomes we can see which will become boys which will become girls things like that so the answer to my question of how to get pregnant there are essentially three ways that that is through natural intercourse through intrauterine insemination which is the low-tech approach and through in vitro fertilization which is the high-tech approach ok so how does that help you right so you are now faced with a situation where you want to get pregnant and you haven't gotten pregnant and you greatly prefer

to get pregnant naturally right but I mean who wouldn't we all would want to get pregnant in the way that's the the most non invasive the least expensive and the easiest and that's just you know through natural means however what happens if the natural means don't work if the natural means don't work then you have two choices one is just to be patient and keep trying to try and keep trying until it finally happens or the other possibility is to go ahead and take action and explore one of the other two ways I mean that's pretty common sense right so you either if something is not working you can either be patient and keep doing that same thing or you can explore more powerful more advanced techniques

so the question becomes how do you know how do you know when it's time well how do you know what it's time to move up to something greater and that's something we'll talk about in the next lesson and i'll give you a hint what the four factors are the four factors to take into account would be how many months have you failed to get pregnant using the way that you are trying right now number two what is your age number three do you have any other clues to suspect that there's a specific problem ok and then number four is just your own personal choice of just how how how important is it for you to get pregnant sooner than later versus you know if you have a more relaxed approach thing.
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How Can u tell If ur Pregnant

How Can u tell If ur Pregnant

Symptoms of pregnancy

The most people do not notice any specific symptoms indicating pregnancy until they actually test positive for the home pregnancy test some women who are in tune with their bodies to notice them here are a few that may sound like a bit of a cliche but food cravings are a sign of pregnancy it may not be the most shot symptom because sometimes it could all be just in your head or even your body trying to make up for a shortage in nutrients

remember that if these cravings are accompanied with some of the other symptoms on the list start counting the days from your last period some women notice that the area around the nipples start getting dark Oh making the nipples appear larger however this may not be a very good indicator of pregnancy if you have been pregnant earlier or if you've had hormonal imbalance this symptom is usually seen mainly due to the production of atj home on which increases what's the implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall occurs approximately between the eight to twelve days after ovulation

you may experience what's called implantation spotting when you experience a small amount of bleeding for bloody discharge do not fear since this is a normal phenomenon that occurs due to the fertilized egg burrowing into the endometrium or do you train ball feeling exhausted all the time haven't done any real physical activity and your muscles are feeling weary you might be pregnant high levels of projects tron can make you feel like you have run a marathon when all you have really done is put in a day of work at the office fatigue and exhaustion is the hallmark of early pregnancy thought it may not be

a shot symptom combined with the other symptoms it might be a sign ever wondered why your breasts are so so before and during your period pregnancy only enhances the symptoms sore and tender to touch your breasts are early indicators of pregnancy this is mainly due to home on search the implantation of the embryo has caused discomfort due to certain smells and taste some women say that certain days like that of coffee or tea and certain smells cause them discomfort one of the signs of pregnancy is a change in taste although you may not be able to hold on to a specific chase some women see that during pregnancy

they experience a persistent metallic taste in their mouth a lucky few escaped
the symptom a few weeks after you conceive you might experience morning sickness but as early as a couple of days following conception you may begin feeling nauseated and queasy and not just in the morning the pregnancy religion nausea can be a problem morning noon or night if you are one of those women who gets her period on time then missing your period is a shot sign that you are pregnant at this point it's best to try a pregnancy test

a home pregnancy test is one of the Communist ways to test if you're pregnant these kids are cheap and available over the counter at most medical stores the direction are clear and easy to follow all it takes is two minutes and a few drops of a urine if the test is positive it is best to visit a gynecologist to confirm the news your doctor will be well equipped to help you through the various phases of pregnancy and guide you through any queries you might have.
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How To Get Pregnant Fast And Easy

How To Get Pregnant Fast And Easy

How To Get Pregnant Fast & Easy

Today we'll be talking about exactly how you go about getting pregnant. Falling pregnant can be as simple as just having sex. But for many couples it's not that simple however.

Did you know that one in six couples has trouble conceiving?
When we talk about problems with infertility, we actually use two broad groups. We talk about the infertile group and the sub-fertile group. Infertile is like impossible meaning it could be because there's no sperm, there is no vagina, there is no cervix, there is no uterus, there are no patent or open fallopian tubes, there are no ovaries, there are no eggs coming from the ovaries. When we talk about sub-fertile we're meaning that perhaps there is some sperm, but there's less of it or it's not swimming properly.

Perhaps the sperm can't get through the cervix. Perhaps there's a polyp inside the uterus. Perhaps there's a problem with one of the fallopian tubes, there could be an adhesion or some scarring. Or perhaps the woman is ovulating, but she's not doing it regularly. So that's kind of the difference between sub-fertile and infertile. One is really quite impossible and the other one is more say probable. So what this means is that if you take 100 couples, 85 of them will be pregnant after one year, but then about 15 of them won't and perhaps they need help.

They may be infertile or sub-fertile. Broadly speaking, in practice, there are three different ways that a couple may conceive - naturally, spontaneously through natural sexual intercourse, or with the assistance of a doctor like myself and that's in a laboratory where we use either intrauterine insemination or IVF. The way it all works is that an egg needs to meet the sperm. Now, you have to get the timing right and what that means is you have to have sex at the right time. Now, you can have sex every single day minus three or four days and if those three or four days fall around your fertile window, you won't conceive. So it's really important to know when to have sex at the right time.

If you have sex at the right time, imagine you're a sperm. You've entered the vagina, you've been one of those very few sperm that have actually made it through the cervix because the cervix has mucus and the mucus can actually be quite receptive to sperm or not receptive at all. It's a bit like a stop sign, stop and start. When the cervix is quite receptive you'll have the go sign. It will go. The sperm will move through the uterus. Then the sperm has to be swimming through the uterus and then what it has to do is find either right or left exit because, as you know, only one ovary has a go every month and it's very important for that egg and sperm to meet in the right spot.

Now, that right spot, where is it? It's in the fallopian tube. And at the same time they have to see each other, they have to have signals from one another. The sperm knows where the egg is, if it's in the right tube. There are some critical time limits. After an egg has actually left the ovary after it has ovulated it only has about 12 to 24 hours to be fertilized. The sperm can hang around in the genital tract for about five to seven days, but the key thing there is the sperm
needs to be there before the egg.

So you've been trying now for a year to get pregnant and you're still not pregnant. What do you do? Well, I think it's important that you talk to somebody. Now that somebody could be your GP or a specialist doctor like a gynecologist. It's very important that you get more information on why perhaps it is that you're not conceiving. Is there anything that you can do naturally yourself at home to help you get pregnant? Because at the end of the day we all like to avoid any medical intervention. For many people medical intervention is necessary and unavoidable and thankfully there are options for you.

One option is intrauterine insemination and what that involves is a man delivering sperm into a jar in a lab situation. That sperm is prepared, then put into a catheter. That catheter is then inserted into the woman's uterus. That's called intrauterine insemination. Another option is IVF. IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. "In vitro," glass in Latin, and you've probably seen a test tube in the lab when you were in high school perhaps. This is a test tube. Hence the term "test tube baby."

In vitro fertilization involves obtaining sperm from a man and at the same time you obtain eggs from a woman. Once we have obtained those eggs and that sperm we then put them together in a dish. We hope to make embryos when we've done in vitro fertilization. That's the purpose. We're creating embryos. Embryos may often sit in a little dish like this and they're incubated, they're kind of nursed in a lab for a number of days. The aim then is to put back a single embryo and then we hope that that embryo becomes a live healthy term baby.
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Vitamins To Take While Pregnant

Vitamins To Take While Pregnant

Best Vitamins for Pregnancy: Supplements to Take During Pregnancy

How to get healthy from inside-out today's topic we're talking all about the best supplements for pregnancy, so I've had four babies myself and of course we didn't have VitaTree yet for the first two pregnancies but for my last two babies we had developed our VitaTree supplements and I can wholeheartedly say that they are the absolute best helping you to have the energy the vitality that you need throughout a pregnancy and we're gonna go through everything that I took throughout my pregnancies from a whole food source and that's the big difference here at VitaTree we don't use anything synthetic nutrients

we don't use synthetic vitamins minerals no fillers which is unlike any other vitamin company out there in the fact also that we don't use magnesium stearate which is a flow agent that a lot of those companies will use to actually speed up the production time so it's more cost effective for other vitamin companies to use magnesium stearate however it's not something we use because they can actually irritate the stomach then there is some reports and evidence that this is something that is toxic and should not be ingested so its always up for debate whether magnesium stearate is good or bad I have always believe that it's not something that we should be ingesting and that's why here

at VitaTree we do not use magnesium stearate, so back to my favourite supplements in terms of pregnancy first and foremost make sure that you are always taking something that is a whole food supplement so my favorite multivitamin is our VitaFruits and VitaVeggies giving you nature's superfoods the very important antioxidant that you need to have a healthy pregnancy healthy baby but also to keep your energy levels up and it's absolutely incredible I mean on the days when I was lazier you know had forgot to take my dosage of my VitaFruits and VitaVeggies I really did notice that you know I my energy was lacking and I was kinda slumped over so your VitaFruits and VitaVeggies will be your absolute best friend

Throughout your pregnancy, giving you the superfruit antioxidant and you're really easy to take, easy to swallow capsule completely vegetarian green tea is in there as well as well as your naturally antioxidant as well as there's no caffeine so you don't have to worry about that. that's why it's great for pregnancy as well as of course fish oil Now fish oil supplements have been in the news for years now and its those omega 3's, especially DHA that's so important in pregnancy for the developing fetus for the brain and spinal cord development and studies have shown that women that are supplementing with especially their DHA their pregnancy the outcome of the cognitive ability in their babies down the road after they're born is dramatically increase, you definitely want to make sure you're taking your omega 3's

VitaFish Oil the absolute best fish oil supplement tastes great no fishy taste so especially in pregnancy if you have a sensitive stomach and you have nausea and morning sickness you don't want to take anything that's going to irritate you the VitaFish Oil will be your absolute best friend helps to keep your brain awake and active I know that you know pregnancy brain I've been through it not fun even know as women we laugh about it but with the VitaFish Oil it really does help to keep your brain alert and active throughout your pregnancy and then beyond as well when you're breastfeeding after you have your baby it's really important that your supplementing and then even to supplement the baby as well with the VitaFish oil for the brain and spinal cord development probiotics absolutely essential I took this throughout my pregnancies

VitaTree probiotic designed for the human digestive tract because again when the baby is born their first contact with good flora is when they are birth through the vaginal canal so probiotics the right form the right strain we've taken all the guesswork out it for you with the VitaTree Probiotics exactly what you need important for your immune system throughout the pregnancy for your digestion to make sure as well that your absorbing all your nutrient so the VitaTree Probiotics so easy to take just two capsules a day can certainly double up if you need to on the VitaTree Probotics.

now for some women you also may need calcium, magnesium and D3 throughout the pregnancy so I know that I suffered from heartburn, especially as the baby was getting bigger, this was something you know that I had in all my pregnancies dramatically improved when I started taking the VitaTree Whole Food Calcium this is the coral calcium and you can sip small amounts of it throughout the day and it helped to quench that acid reflex problem on the spot which was incredible for me. Magnesium as well if you tend to get the leg cramps things the magnesium is something that we always suggest that you supplement away from the calcium

so your taking your calcium at night your VitaTree Magnesium in the morning and helping with your digestion and metabolism and really important for the cardiovascular system as well so and of course your D3. Now the vitamin D3 in the deficiency vitamin d3 we don't absorb calcium only 15 percent gets absorbed so having essential d3 especially if you're having a your pregnancy through the winter months living in certain parts of the world we just don't have the regular sun exposure to risk in that we need so when you buy d3 to be able to absorb calcium.
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Ways of Getting Pregnant (100% Proven)

Ways of Getting Pregnant

How to Get Pregnant Fast (100% Proven)

How to get pregnant fast and naturally must know tips to conceive faster if you want to try to conceive as quickly as possible you may want to know some of the best tips on how to get pregnant fast and naturally who wants to wait months or even years to conceive the child they want so dearly who wants to resort to expensive fertility treatments and surgeries in order to get pregnant most people would love to get pregnant fast and naturally without having to resort to drugs and the typical infertility treatments here are some of the best tips that can help you get pregnant quickly and naturally

so that you don't have wait months or years to get pregnant tips on how to get pregnant fast and naturally one start by tracking your ovulation there are techniques such as cervical mucus observation in basal body temperature charging that can help you track when you ovulate alternatively you purchase ovulation predictor kids that can help you pinpoint when you are most fertile to be more strategic when it comes to sex you want to time intercourse around the time you ovulate having sex two days prior to ovulation can help increase your chances of getting pregnant

some women just have sex every other day during the week of ovulation other sex tips include making sex more enjoyable using positions such as missionary position not having too much sex such as having sex every day and laying in bed with your hips elevated after sex for around five to ten minutes 3 maintain a healthy lifestyle some of the things you can to get help you get pregnant fastincludes eating healthy and nutritious foods avoiding caffeine processed foods alcohol and smoking managing your weight

getting some moderate exercise and avoiding being exposed to chemicals for try natural fertility treatments one such approach to getting pregnant as acupuncture, acupuncture is a great way to help you get pregnant this specific treatment can help improve your fertility so that you can get pregnant, there are also fertility sup women's available that can help increase your fertility if your fertility is improved your chances of getting pregnant improves also the above-mentioned tips on

how to get pregnant fast all include tips that will help increase your fertility and improve the odds of getting pregnant this is how you can get pregnant fast if you just go about doing what you would normally do to get pregnant it may take a little longer to get pregnant by implementing some or all of the tips above you may find that you can get pregnant a lot faster.
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