Kamis, 09 Februari 2017

At Home Pregnancy Tests

At Home Pregnancy Tests

How made pregnancy test

I'm going to do what is called homemade pregnancy tests, I've read about it online not sure if it really works or not, so we're gonna test seat now then this is when you're supposed to mix your pee with all this.

So the first ones bleach the second one is points off and the third one is toothpaste now the bleach is supposed to react right away pine soul could take a little bit as well as the toothpaste so the bleach is supposed to phase and foam up the pint-sized supposed to change like a dark brown color and the toothpaste is supposed to change to a bluish color, but those two points on to face could take a while

So we'll see what happens, that's the tooth piece that's the pencil and that is the bleach so as you can see the bleach it worked right away, but that does not mean anything, all looks like it's cloudy brownish cloudy, but my AP you know is a lighter yellow color so that could possibly affect the color and doesn't look like anything happen with the toothpaste

So I don't see any kind of blue or anything in there guess we can always wait and see what happens but there is the bleach pants off toothpaste so I don't know if they really work they may but i would rather take a pregnancy test to know for sure.