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Belly Bands For Pregnancy

Belly Bands For Pregnancy

Belly Support Band Review

How to put it on and my overall first impressions and thoughts about it and I guess it's not really first impressions because I've had it for a few weeks now but I'm i just wanted to talk to you about it and let you know this is a really great product and you should buy it i am not at all sponsored or backed by this company and this is just me wanting to share the love for some pelvic pain and lower back pain relief I'm so let's get to it so the belly and i got i bought brand so I'm opening that I thought from babies r us and we can get it off amazon you can get it off of their online store you can actually get it in their store which is really really nice and it comes in three pieces this piece which supports your lower back

this piece which kind of goes on top of your bump i'll show you how to put it on in a minute and this piece that goes in the front underneath your belly and it's very very soft material it's washable and and it's got velcro that's how it secures itself as with velcro and ever since i got this when I am working out and where I want to know I'm going to be out and about for a while or doing a lot of cleaning around the house a lot of standing around I use this because it brings so much relief to my lower back and my pelvic pain

I'm just really holds your belly up and kind of take that pressure off of your pelvic bones and your lower back so it really is a wonderful product are wonderful item and i love it and i recommend to everybody and however it is summertime and it is hot and this is another layer that you have to hair so that is like a huge drawback if you are pregnant and summer it was winter oh my gosh this would be amazing so that is a negative about it another negative is when you wear tight shirts you can have to see it I'm it's not super bulky like it's not at all but you can definitely see that there's something underneath the shirt so you just kind of have to get over how it looks but it really does work well and it's worth it to me to wear that so I wear it with tight shirts all the time and I'm just I don't care

I'm just over it sounds negative and now i'm making him is that it's kinda itchy and even though it's soft it kind of irritated my skin it doesn't cause me to break out in a rash or anything but and it's not the softest I mean I mean it well I back up this one piece oh my gosh it's so soft this piece is in the soft so it does kind of father my skin so I have to wear a shirt first and then put it on and then put my shirt on so again another layer or if you have like shorts or something you're wearing and it has the the longer alas the key thing that comes up here those are kind of perfect for it because then you can just put it right on top of that and then put your shirt over that

so that's not like nearly as many layers it's like that and another shirt this and then your other shirt um so that's one thing i have an different sizes in medium fit me best and but it tells you it tells you how to size yourself for it and also when I went in the store I just pull it out of the package and tested it inside okay at this one bit so that's a benefit of being a having it in the store but let's let me show you how it works and how you put it on

ok so i'm wearing my shorts and that have this elastic e thing so i can put it straight over this and it won't bother me and the first thing you do is you take this piece here and you put it underneath your belly you want to get it kind of as little as you can without it you know showing you wrap this thing around and he's just secure it you just stick it on their visits and velcro and then after that is this piece and this goes behind your back so i'll show you that like that and then it secures on the two sides so you push that there and that they're so that's

because there and then this piece you put right on top just like that and that's that I mean it's super simple and this is what it looks like it's kind of crazy looking but it really does work so that's that's what it looks like and then when you put your shirt over it you're going to have a long shirt  I think picture has a hole in it can't see but anyways but your shirt over it and you can't really tell I'm gonna get on my block so try to pick that up and i can run but and it's not super bulky as you can see me you can see this right bit yeah I can see that a little bit but honestly it's worth it i'm already feeling better like I just feel so much more supported so this is an awesome product to have look at how easy it all came off

so there you have it that is my pregnancy support my weight what does it cost that is my belly support band my belly support band you know what it's called and again from toys r us and it's pretty awesome so go check it out if you're having lower back pain or pelvic pain it really does make a difference and work.