Jumat, 10 Februari 2017

Belly Support During Pregnancy

Belly Support During Pregnancy

Prenatal Belly Support / Binding

During pregnancy and towards the end of the second trimester beginning of the third trimester that pressure can become painful when the extra weight can become painful on your ligaments and on your low back also your pelvic floor your sacrum all kinds of pain associated with your growing body during pregnancy so prenatal belly binding is one way to kind of alleviate that pain and so let's go ahead and get started so on time here it's super easy,

Are you okay look you hurt your feet I'm sorry okay first thing you want to do is find the middle i do love you babe you're okay though okay first thing you want to do is find the middle of your wrap and put that at the top middle of your belly here sitting here with me and you're gonna put quite a bit attention on you on either side of your of your rack there with your hands and then you're going to strand by strand tighten,

All the way down, pulling up the rope to cup your belly at the same time and then we're going to hand it off to each and like this and then you're going to find your bottom rail so my bottom rail is green gonna find that bottom rail and get good and snug type all by itself and now we're basically tightening strand by strand from bottom up so each time we tighten I'm balancing a little bit and each each time you you tighten,

Get a little bounce and there we go we've got it pretty good you can kind of turn your ringer rap back around there ok so I've got it yeah we can give up fizzle so what you want to make sure is that let go of the slack a little bit there what you really want to concentrate on is making sure that you're really tight from not quite the top of your belly but we're really starting to need support so through the middle and definitely on the bottom here you're really going to want to make sure that you're nice and tight and then another trick is to pull down,

like this pull down and that lifts the belly up to and then you're gonna tie huh and that immediately just alleviate pressure and just alleviate the weight of your belly and it distributes and takes a lot of the pain out of the back and again I went over all that the beginning of the video so anyway if you have any questions or comments concerns or do you just kind of need help walking walking through it i'm here to help have a good one fine.