Sabtu, 11 Februari 2017

Blood Test For Pregnancy

Blood Test For Pregnancy

How Early Can You Take a Blood Test for Pregnancy?

How early can you take a blood test to determine pregnancy & and the human chorionic gonadotropin which is the hormone that determines if you're pregnant or not and is is in a blood test six to eight days after conception so after you have intercourse 6 28 days later you'll be able to tell in in a blood test

if you have the HCG and and you have to go to a doctor's office to get that a blood test n but each day each subsequent day after those six to eight days more that human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is produced and so it's really recommended that you wait a week after and your missed menstrual cycle so on average woman's menstrual cycles or 28 days and

so a week later then what your average and menstrual cycle is so after you've missed 1a . wait a week and then that will be the most accurate a pregnancy test and and so that is how long you can take a blood test to determine if you're pregnant.