Rabu, 22 Februari 2017

Can a Woman Get Pregnant With Her Tubes Tied

Can a Woman Get Pregnant With Her Tubes Tied

Conceiving After Your Tubes Are Tied

Hi everybody, welcome to mommy's minute in many cases one women decide they don't want any more children will have to publication also known as getting your tubes tied the procedure involves closing the fallopian tubes which connect the ovaries to the uterus

however some women change their minds after having the surgery for many reasons most commonly because their perspectives have changed if you change your mind and want to conceive it's highly recommended that you have to believe a shin reversal the success of this surgery depends

if you've had your tubes clamped orkut there's a lower success rate if your tubes have been cut  the recovery from this procedure can last up to six weeks and about two-thirds of women will conceive within a year.