Selasa, 28 Februari 2017

Can You Get a DNA Test While Pregnant

Can You Get a DNA Test While Pregnant

New research found testing bits of fetal DNA in a pregnant woman's

the fetal DNA test is offered from ten weeks on words from ten weeks any time up until delivery it will help a woman get information about whether or not her pregnancy is at risk for one of the major fetal chromosomal abnormal ties it is a blood test it's a relatively small amount a couple of teaspoons of blood and in that blood sample there is DNA meaning fragments of DNA molecule floating in the blood of the pregnant woman show you liked this show

you've got the DNA from the pregnant woman and her fetus and then you're looking at the code the genetic code and your mapping it to certain parts of the genome and then you're counting these are fragments of DNA the newer DNA tests are more productive plus there's a much lower false positive rate with the DNA tests so the current standard of care gives a and approximately three-point-six percent false positive rate as opposed to 0.3% with the DNA test

the great majority of pregnant women especially the low-risk general obstetric apopka latian who were the focus of this study have a very low risk of having a fetus with a chromosome problem so the overwhelming majority of these women are told they do not have a fetus with a chromosome abnormality and therefore they achieve peace of mind as early as 10 weeks into the pregnancy so not only they reassured but they are not falsely alarm that there is a screen test that's positive and they are not sent further onwards to meet with the genetic counselor or have an invasive procedure.