Sabtu, 11 Februari 2017

Early Pregnancy Test

Early Pregnancy Test

Early Pregnancy Test Line Progression

Hi guys today I'm just going to show you, positive pregnancy test from nine to fourteen days past ovulation, very super faint positive, but they were positive and they've been getting darker and I'm will show you that very first test this is nine days,

Past ovulation so you can either not anything or barely see anything this is test number 2 10 days past ovulation, that's the 10 days that was the second day this 1i took 11 days past ovulation and that that play was very obvious I thought is 12 days past ovulation obviously darker and no squinting are now 13 days past ovulation and this was

The day my period was due for 14 days past ovulation and by that point is super super so as you can see right there, there is the progression of lines 2 10 to 11 and 14 can see the lines are getting darker and darker which is a good sign in hormones rising like they're supposed to and now it is super,

Super obvious with this last test that I took today that I am definitely a hundred percent pregnant so yes, there you have it that is the lines growing darker now.