Kamis, 09 Februari 2017

Early Pregnancy Tests

early pregnancy tests

Early Pregnancy Test Signs and Symptoms

Hey girls, I wanted to do this quick little blog about some early pregnancy symptoms that I was experiencing and am experiencing now and I think that if you are a TCR and your in your to equate trying to determine if these symptoms pregnancy-related are they not

I think this might help you up so some of the things that I experienced no i did not experience nausea and i'm still not i'm at five weeks, five days today still no no chef, but one of the first things that I did notice was I was getting like a lower back and back pain so I had that going on which is something that's normal for my period and most of the things that I was experiencing were kind of normal for me

But just a little bit different, so I have that back pain and the things are talking about started about three days before we found out so have the back  starting I was starting to get really just kind of like a tired 40 towards the end of the day which I normally wouldn't be, it was going to point where you know would be like 10-11 and like my eyes are drifting and I was falling asleep talking to people is what it was like and also i had this huge increase in appetite and I was really.

Really hungry, but not necessarily eating more it's just when I would realize that I was hungry it was intense like I needed food immediately same thing with thirst just immediately needed it so those are some of the symptoms i had and now I'm i also noticed that I was having nipple tenderness which I had never had before.

I've always had breast tenderness for my period started, but this time it was nipple tenderness which turned into intense breast tenders and this now so and those are the symptoms that I went through and I hope that helps them UTC years out and baby dust 2 you guys keep testing and keeping positive because you'll get that bfp soon and even if you don't get it right off and you're still waiting for.