Kamis, 23 Februari 2017

Getting Pregnant After Vasectomy

Getting Pregnant After Vasectomy

How Can You Get Pregnant After A Vasectomy?

Little bit of a different story, to be fair um you've been with this lady 16 years married for 10 with four kids and I love this because i read this morning you've been madly in love with this woman from the moment you better yet use absolutely brilliant that's a brilliant relationship after the fourth child was born how long ago was there are two years you just so you take on touching base so you take that don't know why I said that you take the decision to have a mastectomy yet quite frightening to most me and I'll she didn't the arbitrator for kids from Martin to get someone so good enough anymore backing out of plenty more happy day we ready but you did say to my team after the second me it was brilliant we were at it like rabbits little I feel really was why I don't even know why are you so it's like to stop by and get fear for the week how she works the way this is relevant as well as net to the concerns

yeah she works why you say that every other week so when she was coming back who's passing appetizers like this all the time literally why does she work away she looks after issued a character in all the time you were with that there were never any doubt at all never so this suddenly had four kids she's working away you've had a percept to me and she announces out the blue I'm pregnant she found me the word he says I'm not on feeling sick so I feel like I'm pregnant and then she says some been a great next I'm going to the shop and get a test and then she found group says it's positive what's your reaction that moment what's the first thing that goes through your head

the first thing that was to find the doctors in another test another test results I just point out the fact from the national health service that we checked this morning more than important that phrase more than 99 I mean work out more than ninety-nine percent of the second is a successful only one in 2,000 would fail right yep so the doctor says what to you a moment the test on said everything's were many short and then I went again to find those if there's anything else that could do when i said there's only one reason boy that is pregnant what was that because she's been playing away you had a0 I'm sorry about this it's early in the morning you had a zero sperm account yeah account or can't run from that minute it's all changed yeah with argue core loss

I don't look forward to seeing them come back from work because we just argue also this lady to be fair to her a few weeks down the line went through the trauma of of a miscarriage. So there's all of that, there's suddenly doubt and then you end up here wife because he needs to get his 42 put it behind us so we can move on out flee she's telling the truth happy days speaking about makeup or why could you not be the one in 2,000 because of what they said medically yeah, it just is a big chance of this is a big chance when you look at this woman shared 16 years with their shoes on the screen when you look at it when you know you've had four kids with her and you know that this is the lady that you in your own words were madly in love with you

Do you honestly believe that she could do that to I options are really options and so the integer she has a negative knees on you, yeah yeah yeah we got a lot of making up to their missing badly what if she has to look after four children meal so this today is Michael break so if she fails this test you're walking away from 16 years yeah, my four kids, I look after the kids into myself anymore so this is huge news his massive missing my life its Rex so hopefully solve what have you been very nervous about the results today yeah naturally.