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Gift Ideas For Pregnant Daughter

Gift Ideas For Pregnant Daughter

Healthy Pregnancy Gift Ideas

I just wanted to show you a juice box of stuff that i put together for a really good friend of mine who is expecting her first baby i'm so excited for her and she actually lives in a different state we've been friends for years and I just wanted to put something together to say congratulations on her pregnancy so I'm just going to go item by item and to show you what I got for her and hopefully we'll give you some ideas

if you are going to put together a gift box for someone that you know so the first thing that I got that i want to show you is this frame it's from bed bath and beyond and it's for the ultrasound pictures so you can see it says love at first sight and I just thought that was really sweet just something to do with that first picture that you get and I know that she's already had her first ultrasound and so yeah that was really cute so the next thing is this DVD healthy mom happy baby prenatal yoga so I love yoga i think everyone could use more yoga and their lives and especially during pregnancy it's really great just for strengthening

your core and getting ready for childbirth so and it's just it's really relaxing and cleansing so prenatal yoga DVD also i got her some prenatal vitamins so these are my kind organics there from garden of life which is my favorite supplement company all of their vitamins are from whole foods rather than synthetic vitamins a lot of people think they're the same but they're really not synthetic vitamins are made in the lab and your body is not able to utilize them the same as when they come from whole foods so whole-food vitamins have cofactors like enzymes and phytonutrients that are really important

that enable your body to absorb and utilize those vitamins so that's why i love kind of life no little garden of life commercial but these are great they have two hundred percent daily value of folate which is really important and the whole full light versus folic acid formic acid is the synthetic vitamins you wanna make sure that you have folate and your prenatal vitamins so I got her some leaves and I also got this belly bomb Organic Valley bomb from the honest company i love the honest company i am signed up for their monthly subscription you pick find out five items every month from their website whether it's personal care cleaning products and they're just they're amazing they work so well

they're really not that expensive and you just can feel comfortable knowing that you're cleaning your house or putting stuff on your body that it's safe and non-toxic most of the things cosmetics and body products including products that we have these days are extremely toxic so especially when you're pregnant you really want to make sure that you minimize the toxins that are around you so we'll plug the honest company as well but belly mom it smells really good so I also threw in there a box of pregnancy tea and again it's organic tea is really heavily sprayed and pesticides so it's really important tea and coffee so it's really important to make sure that you choose organic that way you are protecting yourself and your baby from pesticides so and this has red raspberry leaf in it which i have read is great for just preparing your uterus for birth so pregnancy team also got this really cute card

hello baby I thought that was really cute so that gives you the inside because it has her any minute and she hasn't officially announced publicly yet so i would definitely want to keep her secret for now probably want to post this video until after she's announced because they don't want to give it away because it's not item might give it away if if know her but my friend really likes hedgehogs which are very cute so I found this little onesie at Baby Gap and as a legend about it which is really cute so it's zero to three months and it's it's pretty gender-neutral maybe a little more boyish but anyways gonna have to choke on it

so there you go and i also just threw in some little gin gins just ginger candy that hopefully help with nausea haven't experienced that yet so he knows her tell me fais help or not but and then the last thing that I got which i love and kinda want one for myself someday is this from p2 pumpkin pregnancy journal and i found this actually at barnes and noble thank you get on Amazon as well so the journal has each week has two pages i'll just show you want one example here so this is for a week 20 and it just has a picture of like a fruit or vegetable that's about the size that the baby is and then on the other page is just going to be guided journal just about how you're feeling or things that are going on our updates and I think that's really cool especially if you're not big into journaling sometimes it can be kind of hard to think of what to write and this way it's really easy you just kind of fill in the blank and I just thought that was really really cute.