Selasa, 14 Februari 2017

Good Pregnancy Tests

Good Pregnancy Tests

Best time to Take a Pregnancy Test!

Hey guys I got all the items that I needed anything that I needed to get so its morning time and I just want to say i have been trying so hard to get Nick to stop thinking that I'm pregnant and he won't like get out of his head and like I had to keep like saying like oh no honey I'm not I'm not I'm not due yet like I still have another week he's like but I thought you out of this day like she's tracking my cycle look like I know no it goes by the last day

so really you still have like seven days left because he's just like so excited and so like on . about it like he just wants me to be so bad so I'm trying to like make it more surprise for him by like you know trying to you cannot think 5about it i decided i want to be surprised too so I'm going to take the test and then i'm going to show you guys on the camera what it says but i'm not going to look and then afterwards at nick and i will watch the video together and i'll record our reactions for you so should be fine let's see I'm excited

so I figured I should let me show you the box first so that you know what the symbol means i don't even know I haven't even use this one before i usually use like that first response but but the clear blue is on sale from way cheaper so i was like i will try it so this one so if it's a plus sign and i'm showing you the French side wow that's awful so if it's a plus sign you're pregnant and if it's just the - part then you're not pregnant so the girl grabbed it and looking at it just peeling for the handle part thanks i don't know i might hold it upside down because I'm not looking.