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Health Insurance Pregnancy Coverage

Health Insurance Pregnancy Coverage

The Essential Health Insurance Of The Health Insurance Fund

Medical insurance companies take over medical care and support, as well as the midwife assistance under the Medical Insurance Act (KVG) fundamentally during the prenatal care during pregnancy and labor, where below firstly alleged "typical pregnancy" along with a "high risk pregnancy" variable must be created between a. In the case of "Regular pregnancy" takes the reason why insurers

The seven screenings,
Two ultrasound inspections (in 10-12 SSW and 20-23 SSW) in a uncomplicated maternity, along with endless number of ultrasound examinations in a higher-risk pregnancy

Lab studies
For your birth planning classes the insurance carrier paid 150 CHF, when midwives run the class. No ticket office covers courses at delivery vorbereiterinnen. Consult necessarily then, before enrolling. In case you will be accompanied by your man in the price he must spend its share perhaps.
These companies be furnished ostensibly without percentage and deductible of the operation by the basic insurance. Exceptions: Medicines, providers (E.g. Stockings) and things (E.g. Breastpump) shifted as the basic insurance, they are susceptible to the deductible and the franchise but all. It's consequently needed a contribution of the person that was insured by-law.

Continue to be settled the expenses for that in-patient hospital or maternity inside the basic ward in another of the agreement, hospitals, while in the canton of dwelling, which are usually 5 nights to get a normal delivery and 8 nights to get a caesarean section. There is no free choice of doctor. Hospital birth or home start, home care (aftercare) is bought out by way of a midwife during the first 56 days after the birth — possibly without physician's requests. Need to take your baby in a House to the globe, it is important because then your costs due to the essential insurance are covered perhaps the delivery property stands to the hospital listing of the canton of home. Only a week bed stays at the homeland or infrastructure expenses are then certainly not applied. Request the birthplace of your location and your insurance provider.

The basic insurance will pay on your baby

A follow-up between life's tenth and sixth week together with
Three peaceful discussions with qualified professionals.
The Deposit might pull the 10% deductible, nor the operation for ultrasound or distribution in addition to the legal maternity benefits off in the general ward, no matter how high it is. The 10 francs deductible per hospital time may not require medical health insurance.


Note: the above mentioned applies, but only in a working pregnancy that is normal! As long as the problem- births or pregnancies, medical insurance taking with no deductible over providers. However, the fundamental insurance does not routinely takes the whole cost for the treatment of pregnancy complications over. These are for that reason of the expectant mothers within the circumstance of the business of the deductible to go together with and to be regarded under legislation as medical expenses. This exercise that was inaktablable should be changed quickly.

There is a pregnancy not simple, threatening a pregnant girl also negatives within the pay, and based on seniority, there could be a wage freeze.

Including an amniocentesis, at exclusive medical tests, you should advise formerly about the charges. Generally speaking, that two ultrasound examinations are paid based on a detailed reconnaissance and appointment, along with endless number of ultrasound exams in a higher -risk pregnancy. Suppose the costs for your Amnio, if these compelling factors (E.g. When down problem is alleged, or if the mother has ended 35 years of age) is attached. Is any sign, the pregnant mom should spend such reports out-of their own pocket.

Midwives are assimilated to the doctors in accordance with regulation (KVG). You can therefore - perhaps without physician is prescribed - through the Schwangerschaftb together with after birth takes the company that is over and settle on essential medical health insurance's cost.