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Health Insurance Pregnancy Pre-Existing Condition

Health Insurance Pregnancy Pre-Existing Condition

Medical insurance providers assume all costs of maternity - even with problems from SSW 12. What pay the cashier, inquired for baby realms.

If you are pregnant, it's important that you regularly check up for your baby as well as you. Should you preserve a confident pregnancy exam in arms, take your first session for a preventative check off. Usually they are supplied in pregnancy's next and next month. From then on, place is taken by the examinations around every six days.

You may also choose who and where you wish to permit inside the pregnancy check up:

Midwife with you in the home, in-practice or inside the start Residence
Gynaecologist / doctors and gynecologists in practice or in a clinic
General practitioner / family physician
Or alternatively likewise from the midwife.

Benefits for maternity

The required basic medical health insurance of the health insurance service and help be received according to the Health Insurance Act (KVG) ostensibly with a physician or the midwife in addition to the birth:

Eight examinations and coordinating the required laboratory analyses in line with the analysis number. In a top-risk maternity, these exams could be repeated as needed. Additionally, an investigation applying Kardiotokografie is utilized in high risk pregnancies.

Two ultrasonic examinations (within the week of 10-13 along with the SSW 19-22), along with a great number of ultrasound exams as necessary in a higher-risk pregnancy. In practice, but typically significantly more than two ultrasound investigations be made. Most health insurances purchase these ultrasound tests, provided they're scientifically warranted. Check with your insurance company.
Complications, which are indirect assistance almond with maternity, be absolutely transported by medical insurance. This really is nonetheless simply from SSW 12 till nine months after the delivery. Issues that occur before or after, are billed like a typical illness, i.e. You should implement and business.

150 francs for that antenatal course, if a midwife performs it.
All of the prices of within the general ward inside the clinic the birth or at a hospital start. Since the charge of the midwife for a household start or perhaps a delivery while in the start Residence along with the bed while in the hospital or delivery Property, except it is around the hospital record - for a vaginal delivery typically as much as four nights, to get a caesarean section to f├╝nfTage.

Hospital birth or after a house birth house care (aftercare) is absorbed with a midwife towards the 10th time after the birth. You need a help by the midwife, then-still it is employed before 56th time after birth (2 months) of the health insurance providers.

Despite the 10th time following home birth visits by midwives state this is often - even without physician's orders.

Three calm discussions with a trained pro.
The follow-up involving the tenth and sixth week of life your baby.
These rewards are mentioned not the team and in addition no deductible, you should spend. Exceptions are drugs, means (E.g. Compression stockings) and materials (E.g. Breast pump). The essential insurance covers additionally these, nevertheless they are subject to the operation and the deductible must be paid by also you.