Rabu, 22 Februari 2017

Hormone Pills To Get Pregnant

Hormone Pills To Get Pregnant

Will hormone treatment increase my chances of getting pregnant?

we're going to be talking about ten hormonal treatments and hormones improve or increase your chances of conception, hormones can increase your chances of conception and they do this by allowing your ovaries to produce more eggs or more follicles so you can have multiple eggs and and potentially have a higher chance of conception but the answer is no because it also depends on you as an individual your overall medical history and if you want to use hormone treatments so there's two methods

so as I said statistically it does the the evidence does point to being yes but it all depends on the type of medication and if it's appropriate for you so one thing to recognize is once you start to incorporate any medication or pharmaceutical medication typically there are side effects for you do that can occur and that you need to be aware of aside from increasing your your follicle count and your egg growth they can overdo it as well so that can cause a lot of discomfort a lot of side effects both physically and emotionally

so it's not for everybody and then second it really depends on the medication you're using some medication will cause more side effects others won't and some medications like clomid will actually have a different side effect yes they're improving or increasing your your your ovarian stimulation and egg production but they're also can figure endometrial lining which is counterintuitive and productive to implantation so it really just depends on the medication your needs and also lastly

if this is really something that you want to do I have plenty of patients who are not interested in medication they just want to approach things naturally and so that's completely fine actually it's my preference and so those methods would not be appropriate for them so the bottom line really is is that you need to decide if hormone medications hormone stimulation of your ovaries is appropriate for you one if you want to deal with the potential side effects and two of its something that you want to try at all now there are some cases so where it is appropriate and necessary so if you are considering going through insemination iui or IVF then certainly that would be a time where we do need to stimulate your over is in some fashion and in some way but even then you potentially have some options in terms of what medication is used.