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How To Become Pregnant Fast

How To Become Pregnant Fast

How To Get Pregnant Fast & Easy

So you want to have one of these do you stay tuned where I tell you fast and easy tips right, trying to conceive errs today is trying to conceive to say and it is time to get you pregnant I'm not going to get you pregnant that's not how it works but i am going to give you some tips that are easy and we'll get you pregnant fast this is mainly if you're like just decided to try to conceive or maybe you haven't tried these methods but regardless you're wanting to minimize that time that

you're trying to conceive if you don't know my story I have four children and all for those children I got pregnant with with only one time sex like we only did it one time that entire month I've actually gotten pregnant five times my last one was a miscarriage at the end of june and i'm going to include this in the examples alexander and the baby we lost i did this method with them and I got pregnant like that cycle with Alexander we have tried about 4-5 months after my tubal reversal and what took us so long to get pregnant with Alexander is that we were trying to girls way

if you don't know what girls swing is it is basically where you are doing specific things to intentionally trying to conceive a girl after 13 or we were just like you know what we're done with this we waited 10 months to have the surgery I went through the surgery Lonnie had to help me we had to go to the recovery process and then we've been trying for like four months so we were like we're done lawyer girl we did not care the cycle that we decided to stop girl swing and just do what we normally do and try this method i got pregnant

this method wasn't intentional but now i'm looking back it seems it definitely works so i wanted to share with you guys what it is I know you're all sitting on your seat telling us about your children history tell us how we get our own children so let's tell you first and foremost i recommend buying these ovulation tests they are clinical guard on amazon you can get 50 for like 11 to $13 if your Amazon Prime member it's free shipping and it is awesome i like these when you're trying to use this method because other ovulation test really give you a long window for this method it works perfectly because when i get a positive on this I know I'm ovulating within 18 to 24 hours and usually closer to 18 sometimes it's been sooner than that once I was like twelve to eighteen out it wasn't saying i know that when it's positive I'm about to ovulate and I need to get my groove on

so I suggest getting these again their clinical card this is what they look like I'm gonna waste when I'm you guys but it's okay love you that much and it's literally like just a little strip if you know when in the cycle you ovulate like I know Emily ovulate ur so I don't even start using these until like cycle day 14 because I'm like it's a waste of ovulation does but if you if you're an earlier ovulate ER or maybe you just don't know I suggest starting on cycle date n these are why i love these because they're so cheap so you can use a bunch of them and not feel like it's draining your bank account so use a museum museum and then once they get close to a positive that is when i start having sex every single night even when it gets close to $PERCENT positive

you're only like two days away from ovulation anyway once your ovulation test is positive make sure to do it even if you haven't done anything it literally can only take one time and literally guys that is it that is what i did i didn't put my legs up in the air proceed i use soft cups i have used all of those but it seems that when i do the simplest things is when I got pregnant I was it on vitamins i was literally doing nothing if these wait till it's almost positive and then just sex nightly until it is negative what i would do it was positive that morning and be like okay Lonnie we're getting on tonight I would test before we did it to make sure still positive and then I would test to get in the morning so i would test twice a day until it was negative once that test line search get lighter i knew that ovulation had occurred so that is how to get pregnant fast.