Sabtu, 18 Februari 2017

How To Get Pregnant With Pcos Quickly

How To Get Pregnant With Pcos Quickly

10 things if you want to get pregnant with PCOS

So I could talk about peace us all day long if you have peace us and you are
trying to get pregnant there's so many things you could do to improve your fertility in this video I will be talking about 10pcs rules when you are trying to get pregnant

you're probably trying to get pregnant we're dealing with reproductive health issues, I want to teach you about the ten rules for getting pregnant when you have PCOS
  1. Number one, eat low glycemic foods, eat low glycemic index carbohydrates like vegetables and whole grains it's very important for women with PCOS to avoid refined carbohydrates such as sugar flour of any kind and products made from them like pasta bread muffins and bagels you know i'd like to promote a gluten-free diet with peace rest as much as possible
  2. Number two, eat a diet high in fiber great sources of fiber our broccoli celery apples even dark leafy greens a high-fiber diet helps you eliminate estrogen faster from the body
  3. Number three, in five meals a day don't over eat and eat small more frequent meals 
  4. nuNumber four, organic this is a must conventional grown Catalan chicken contain hormones antibiotics and other contaminants that contribute to excess estrogen number
  5. Number five, take s essential fatty acids daily make sure you plenty of you plenty of your omega three sixes and nines especially like grass-fed butter key and coconut oil 
  6. Number six, exercise trying to get in 30 minutes about five days a week there's no need to over exercise and you don't need to do anything hardcore like weight training or crossfit just get out and walk and get out in nature
  7. Number seven, this is a hard one quick coffee caffeine increases estrogen levels it's a hard one for many of us but it's not forever so just try and do it now and then once you're done having your child you can go back to having a couple day 
  8. Number eight, at one or two tablespoons of cinnamon to your food each day to help increase insulin sensitivity 
  9. Number nine, balance your daily protein with equal amounts of carbohydrates if you think that eating healthy means eating a lot of greens you know it doesn't have to mean that and don't get me wrong I love brings but you've got to get in your protein with every meal I see that as a common mistake all the time
  10. Number ten, when I love practicing acupressure you can practice at home I'm not going to get into it much today, but as a quick thing acupressure can help you ovulate bring blood flow to the uterus and the reproductive system and it helps to to increase male fertility as well so try these 10 things at home and you're going to see wonderful results.