Senin, 27 Februari 2017

How To Get Pregnant With Your Tubes Tied

How To Get Pregnant With Your Tubes Tied

How Tranise became pregnant after Tubal ligation

I'm a mother of three I have one son and two daughters and I'm pregnant with my fourth which will be a boy i got my tubes done in 2008 because I thought I was done with having kids I met this perfect gentleman so and we decided to add to the family i decided to start researching what could i do to get my tubes done well reversed because my previous doctor told me the procedures

that i did get done was irreversible so we decided after the research I found dr. Maurice we made our appointment and we went to meet with him at time of the appointment it was very very warm everybody in the office was very nice i felt very comfortable I felt that it was a chance that we will have another child we went and met with miss Margie which is a very sweet lady she reminds me of my mom we met with dr. Murray's like I say it from the beginning from talking

it was very very comfortable and I felt very confident with needing them we schedule our procedure being from New Orleans we had to drive in the night before get home and then we arrived at the surgery center next morning met with dr. Murray's he prepped me for the procedure to let me know everything that was gonna happen gave me some medication when in came back was in recovery dr maurice cream bacon checked on me told me everything went great i should be very successful

we're having another child sent me home with some medications and he also called and checked on me later that night I had surgery on Friday a little bit for on the weekend but I was back at work Tuesday with no problems after the surgery we were told to wait two months before we tried to have a child so we decided to wait for months because we wanted to make sure that I heal properly we did wait those four months we started and their seven months I was pregnant

with my daughter cheetah so two years after jada was gone I'm now pregnant with Jerome it's such a blessing because kids are a blessing and I was able to have their second chance on bringing new life into the world yeah hi this is dr. Murray's we are really looking forward to helping you achieve your goal of becoming pregnant again.