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How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks are visible, bluish shimmering cracks in subcutaneous tissue at chest, abdomen, hips and buttocks. They occur at 70 to 90 percent of all and especially younger women during pregnancy. Unfortunately alone our genes decide whether or not, they tend to stretch marks. However, you can try to fight and alleviate them, the following explanations refer to the ways how to prevent Stretch marks during pregnancy.

Causes of stretch marks: weak connective tissue
Stretch marks arise when skin fibers tear due to the rapid expansion during pregnancy, or if the fibers are broken by the hormonal changes. Causes of the cracks of the skin are:

  • A physical predisposition to weak connective tissue,
  •  Is a, existing
  • Excess weight of multiple pregnancy, in which the skin is stretched particularly strong and an excessive weight gain during pregnancy and
  • Little sporting activity.

In addition, women who already have a child born more of stretch marks are affected than women who are pregnant with their first child.

Where are stretch marks and how can you recognize her?
The stretch marks are formed on the skin areas that are affected the most by the overstretching during pregnancy. Most frequently they occur in the lower tissue at the front of the belly, on the side of the chest, arms, butt and thighs. Every pregnant woman can easily recognize the strips on the narrow, reddish or blue strokes. Its blood vessels that appear through the cracks through. Stretch marks can develop wider cracks, too.

Treatment of skin cracks
Stretch marks can not treat with drugs. The colored skin cracks are there once, you cannot remove. So that the connective tissue not only cracks, pregnant women should be preventively active.

History: the scars remain, but are weaker
During pregnancy, the stretch marks are colored reddish blue. The coloration is yellowish, gray, or white shiny stripes are visible to only the faded after the birth. The damage to the skin remains, however, in permanently, because the Strip won't disappear.

Prevention: Help support, nutrition, body care and massages
There is no drug that can prevent stretch marks and also any cream or oils which form the strip again back. Therefore, it makes sense to take preventive action already during pregnancy. However, this is unfortunately no guarantee to the effect that no stretch marks occur. Already at the beginning of the pregnancy, if the belly still didn't increase in size, the skin can be prepared for the upcoming expansion.

Sports and nutrition
Women who are active during pregnancy and also already before that athletic, get rare stretch marks as unathletic women. For example, swimming or gymnastics is a suitable sports to prevent stretch marks. In addition, pregnant women should pay attention on their weight, healthy diet and emphasis also on a vitamin-E rich diet. Pregnant women need about 13 mg vitamin E per day. During breastfeeding, the demand increases to 17 mg. Much of the vitamin is included in germs, nuts and oils.

• Body care
Because it is above all the skin in the area of the breasts, the abdomen and the buttocks and hips, which is stretched during pregnancy, should be massaged them daily with a skin oil or a greasy cream. Jojoba oil, almond oil or vitamin E containing wheat germ oil make the skin elastic, keep it moist and provide them with vitamins. The massage also promotes blood circulation. Cold showers in addition stimulate the circulation and tighten the skin.

• Massage/grasping
Massage pregnant women can their connective tissue in addition by messages with fine dry brush or slicker massage loosens. Plucking massage the skin in problem areas with two fingers is raised, kneaded and then released. This massage can be performed twice a day for the third month of pregnancy. Two weeks before the expected birth date massages should however not more to strongly fail because they might trigger contractions at this point.

Remove stretch marks – what are my options?
Although stretch marks have their reasons, because after all the body and the connective tissue of the woman has accomplished excellence during pregnancy some women try again to get rid of the stretch marks. Expensive and sometimes painful ways to remove the stretch marks are offered, but are no guarantee that these actually disappeared after that:

  • Laser: similar to like at the removal of a tattoo smallest flash of light be introduced with the laser in the tissue, streak-free tissue leading to the formation of new,. After the treatment a few days
  • Micro-needling can redness and swelling of the affected skin areas occur.: here, a roller over the skin with tiny needles will be "rolled". Through the tiny holes in the skin the recording is made simpler substances from applying resources, skin regeneration used to.
  • Ultrasound: by means of ultrasonic treatment the metabolism processes in tissues is stimulated and the mesh shooting for active ingredients are.
  • SCAR ointment: special scar creams or oils and also the intake of zinc have the reddish stretch marks fade, so that they visually not so conspicuous.