Senin, 20 Februari 2017

How To Quit Smoking When Pregnant

How To Quit Smoking When Pregnant

Quit Smoking: How to Stop Smoking While Pregnant

So if you're thinking about having a baby in the near future and you are a smoker the best chances for your child is to stop smoking, smoking can cause a lot of birth defects, including low birth weight and there have even been cases where children of smokers develop asthma at a very young age and have trouble developing their lungs

the steps to the quitting before pregnancy are just like anybody else except there's a there's an urgency to it it's very important that your smoke free as soon as you can see and if you are still smoking when you find out that you're pregnant it's very important for you to stop smoking as soon as you find out quitting during pregnancy it's very important to decide medication vs not is definitely more beneficial to your child

if you choose to go the natural routes medications like the nicotine patch are just added medications into your body and of course it's better to not take extra medication during your pregnancy, it's not unheard of there are doctors that will prescribe but again it's a very important to to come up with a plan with your doctor

when you're quitting during pregnancy remember this is a long process and that you are going to need the help of friends and family and if you fall off the horse get right back on it takes a few try sometimes but again it's definitely important if you are going to become pregnant to stop smoking.