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Is Your Sunscreen Safe for Pregnancy

Sunscreen Safe for Pregnancy

Sunlight is an elixir of life. And not harmful, if you noticed a few things. Answers to the most common questions related to the Sun, UV radiation and sun protection factor in pregnancy.

Through the hormonal changes the skin not only sensitive to fragrances and other ingredients, it tends rather to hyperpigmentation and turns to red faster. Are therefore hypoallergenic sunscreen (there for example by Eucerin or Vichy) best with high UV protection during pregnancy.

A hat with a wide brim protects the face against the so called mask of pregnancy, a pigment disorder that occurs in about half of all pregnant women. The sharply limited, brownish discoloration spread, Butterfly-shaped on forehead, cheeks and upper lip, and are amplified by the Sun (after the birth they disappear most of the time).

In order to make a sunscreen safe for pregnancy so pregnant women should as far as possible expose themselves to not direct sunlight, but rather looking for a shady spot. That burdened the cycle of losing.

How can I tell, how long I stay in the Sun can?
Own protection time, i.e. The time in the skin unprotected can be exposed to sunlight unless it reacts with a redness, depends on the skin, eye and hair color. There are four types - the bright, Celtic type up to the dark, Mediterranean type. Rule of thumb: Light-skinned types (red or blonde hair, blue eyes) can without sunscreen five to ten minutes in the Sun remain,

How do I find the right sun protection factor?
The height of the sun protection factor depends on the skin type and the destination. The protection factor specified on the sunscreen (often abbreviated as SPF, SPF or SSF) indicates the maximum is extended by which factor the self-protection of the skin.

The formula is: = own protection time of times used an SPF protected time without sunburn. Who belongs to the fair-skinned and must be without sunscreen after about ten minutes with a reddening of the skin gets a sunburn with an SPF 12 after about 120 minutes.

A sun protection factor of 35, however, does not mean that you can stay in the Sun for about six hours. From SPF 15 the time no longer can be this way extrapolate. Dermatologists generally recommend no more than 50 sunbathe each year — including even the sunny hours on a park bench or the balcony.

Applies also in the choice of the sun protection factor: the day closest to the sea, the higher in the mountains, based on wolkenloser and the sun protection factor closer to the equator, the higher.