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Most Reliable Pregnancy Test

Most Reliable Pregnancy Test

Before you buy a pregnancy test, you should try to exclude all other possibilities, which can lead to the absence of the rule. Many factors can have an influence of your cycle and your fertile days. Reasons to stay out of the period can be included external influences of the quality of life, psychological stress, malnutrition, climate change or time changes. On this page you will find all important information about the pregnancy test at a glance.

How can a pregnancy, we detect?
There are several ways to find out whether you are pregnant. They all operate on the same principle: the proof of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). It is already 7 days after fertilization and is formed by the outer germ cells of the still very small embryos, resulting later the placenta. If you regularly take the pill or have used other means of contraception, the probability of pregnancy is very low. If you can rule out other influences on the absence of your period and perceive physical changes, or you are even active in the planning of the baby, there are following pregnancy tests that you can perform, you can detect a pregnancy most reliable pregnancy test.

What is a urine test?
The urine test is the most common test of pregnant sheep and brings the schellste Ergebnis. Die tests you can at your pharmacy and drugstore market buy or order online. They are considered very reliable. Also here is checked whether the pregnancy hormone is in the body, which has its highest concentration in the urine. Therefore, the urine test should, if possible, be performed directly after getting up. Usually, a test strip in the urine stream, or into a small container of urine is held. To find more detailed information on the application, in the package leaflet.

Types of urine tests
The urine tests venal in the commercial are considered safe and provide a result with an accuracy of more than 99.9%. You can choose cassettes or midstream test between Strip, which are all very similar and show the result after 5 minutes. The urine on the test range, the pregnancy hormone reaches the membrane and activated so the color (or stripe or cross). This fails the test is negative and you are not pregnant. Usually, there is still a control bar, which appears to confirm the effectiveness of the test in addition to the results pane.

Urine tests have very high reliability today and are very popular as they can be performed at home with a quick result. The most reliable work of the pregnancy test between the 5th, 10th week, as the pregnancy hormone hCG steadily during the first 10 weeks (it doubled every day). However, there's a residual risk that the test displays an incorrect result by about 1%, even with high reliability. In any case, wait a few days after the absence of menstruation before taking the pregnancy test.

Possible causes of a false negative test result
The test should show a false negative result, you so, according to test not pregnant are, this can have the following causes:

  • a high number of bacteria in the urine
  • ectopic pregnancy or no implantation in the uterus
  • to low concentration of hcG, mostly due to excessive drinking shortly before the test
  • No further development of the fertilized ovum

Possible causes of a false positive test result
A false positive test, so if a pregnancy is displayed, but actually none exists, in addition to incorrect application of the testing, causes are:

  • blood or protein in the urine (E.g. by an infection)
  • contaminated urine
  • Blasenmole or Krebserkrakungen
  • contain drugs that the pregnancy hormone hcG, benzodiazepines, antipsychotic drugs, or phenothiazines

The blood test
A blood test can be carried out only by the doctor and it takes normally 24 hours, pending the result of the laboratory. For detecting searches in the blood for the pregnancy hormone hCG. A blood test is generally necessary, and to determine whether the pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) is intact when other pregnancy tests have brought no clear result. As well, the age of the embryo can be calculated. Even if you already know that you are pregnant, your competent gynecologist will perform further blood samples to verify and control of the pregnancy.

A visit to the gynecologist tells you
If you have a negative test result, but nevertheless feel an insecurity, E.g. Due to changes in the abdomen, we recommend a visit to your Gynecologist who can perform further detailed investigations. Has a positive test result and should be actually pregnant, then look forward and make up promptly when you Gynecologist a follow-up examination appointment, which can confirm the pregnancy through a blood test. An ultrasound can be performed from a later date, because knowing is typically in the first 6 weeks unfortunately still nothing.