Selasa, 21 Februari 2017

Pills To Help You Get Pregnant Fast

Pills To Help You Get Pregnant Fast

The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant - Fertility Success Factor

The fastest way to get pregnant, today we're talking about fertility success factor number for use fertility superfoods, and I want to share with you the fertility superfoods that I recommended

so this first one is the fermented cod liver oil it comes in the capsules and also the liquid you only need a tiny bit and when i do the liquid I usually add it to milk and otherwise you would do two capsules per day here is royal jelly this is great for people that need to increase their egg health or if you're over 35 years old

so this is what it looks like it's about the consistency of honey and it kind of tastes like smoky honey you can just actually eat it right off of a spoon and then here's the other fertility superfood i recommend this is maca I got this one from super organic foods and market is a root vegetable which is a tonic for the under cooling system

so here's what the market looks like in powder form and I usually add that to a smoothie first thing in the morning so those are the fertility super foods again it's the fermented cod liver oil the royal jelly and the maca so you've seen it the three fertility super foods that i recommend.