Rabu, 08 Februari 2017

Pregnancy Blood Test

Pregnancy Blood Test

When can pregnancy be diagnosed with a blood test and a urine test?

There are two ways to diagnose pregnancy a blood test or a urine test and both  are detecting the presence of HCG which is a hormone that a woman's body starts to release early in pregnancy levels usually rise exponentially and tell about eight to eleven weeks gestation a blood test can measure levels much more sensitively than a urine test and it can also detect pregnancy earlier in fact a blood test can usually detect pregnancy six to eight days from the time of suspected conception or about a week before the woman would notice in this.

But a urine test usually doesn't detect HCG levels until around the time of the woman's thighs. And for this reason the first sign of pregnancy is a missed period if the day ever comes that you're. Should have started and it didn't think that's when you should take a home pregnancy test sometimes false negative pregnancy test results can be seen if the test is taken soon.

So, so women get excited they want to know as soon as possible if they're pregnant and they take the test maybe three to five days before their period should start if you see a negative at this point, then wait until your period start doesn't give up all hope yet and see if your period starts and if it doesn't again then take a test sometimes that one is even still falsely positive.

So if you go another week without starting your period then take another test basically the time at which you see a positive urine test is largely dependent on the time you ovulated and usually you obviously about mid cycle or 12 to 16 days before your next period should start meaning that you should see a positive you're in pregnancy test around you know two weeks from that point but if you ovulate later than the norm then you might not see positive pregnancy test results until three to five days after your mess.

So if you ever have a question about the results you're seeing from home call your doctor and they can then decide if further investigation is necessary like a blood test and that will help you know for sure if you're pregnant or not.