Selasa, 14 Februari 2017

Pregnancy Gift Basket

Pregnancy Gift Basket

DIY Pregnancy Gift Basket

This is about making a gift basket for a newly pregnant friend so my best friend just announced to me that she is expecting her first baby and i wanted to put together a little gift for her just to congratulate her and give her my support and give her some isn't essentials for a new mommy to be I haven't really found a whole lot on the internet about this so i thought it might be helpful to someone else out there who may have a good friend that is pregnant and you're thinking of ideas to give them as a gift so here I went to target and I got a few things on first of all I got this basket

I wanted to put it in something cute and the target dollar section is just awesome this is three dollars but it's very cutebasket and I cannot believe the price difference between this and the organization section on the organization section in target the baskets and organizers are double or even triple the price of the ones that they have in the dollar section so always look in that 1dollar spot because they usually have some pretty decently priced items compared to the rest of the store which is very nice also it is winter here in Wisconsin and my friend Danny who are making this for gets pretty cold so i got a pair of nice

fuzzy socks here for her just to kind of keep her toes warm and and whatnot to help make your comfortable another thing since when you're pregnant you're not supposed to have a bunch of affeine so I got her a couple nice herbal teas from tazol this one's passion tea which I know she likes and then also a wild sweet orange tea sometimes it's just nice to have a little hot drink to have when you can't have coffee or other caffeinated beverages just to kind of warm up in the wintertime and enjoy also I got her a little belly butter from burt's bees

this looks like a a cute one I just love how it says mama B and it it was a little bit more on the pricey side it was 1299 I believe but I thought it was cute and a good starter for since she's just newly pregnant it's always good to start on preventing the stretch marks lastly as part of the gift portion with which was this was actually hard to find I wanted to get her a magazine I figured she probably already got what to expect all expecting I know she has a baby book named book already but i thought this would be kind of a cute little thing to

throw in the basket just to you know that's nice light reading and some information may be that she might find helpful or just kind of get acquainted to the pregnancy lifestyle here so here's the gift basket and then lastly I got her a little card that I was actually surprised how many cards they had four just non baby shower but just like a congratulations this is a pretty cute when I found at
target as well and want to see what's inside

it's just a cute little like poem in there and just congratulating her because you know it's a big journey head and you know I wanted to do a little something just for her because from now on things are going to be you know all about the baby and it's nice to do a little something for them on and have her enjoy and whatnot I hope someone found this helpful and that is all i'm signing off on this is the gift basket now a one more thing i think im gonna probably put some cute ribbon or something on here

but i thought this looked pretty cute and pretty complete and whatnot but yeah you could embellish it with some other things or what when whatnot but that may be a cute ribbon or little bow on top or something would be cute just to finish it off so that is all I hope someone found this helpful.