Minggu, 12 Februari 2017

Pregnancy Test Kit

Pregnancy Test Kit

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Test pregnancy using I can pregnancy test phase of the system may get off I can pregnancy test days it was 50 rupee, so I opened it you can see the new base sub cover and say that cover you can see one more like it insert that you can see the new ways so had 112 beautiful you'll also get one tube with that packet so you can collect them UN in that too

Then drop three you can put the tree three drops up urine in this that bottom section 33 . up and you can see that the your knees going coming in the second section and is moving forward once you, put you in past that section you can see a color change here to that C&T level if color if you can if you see color changing both see Carlton near to both CNT level that means test is positive but in this case I can see the color change only near to the sea level that means that is nate do.