Rabu, 08 Februari 2017

Pregnancy Test Strips

Pregnancy Test Strips

When you order a pregnancy test the first thing you'll notice are the test instructions, complete with images, to help you interpret your results, please be sure to read the instructions thoroughly each pregnancy test comes individually packaged in a foil pouch the test type is printed right on the pouch in this case HCG which is the hormone detected in the pregnancy test the lot number and expiration date are also printed on the pouch.

When you buy a pregnancy test at early pregnancy test came you can expect them to have an expiration date approximately two years from your purchase date to use the test simply remove the test strip from the pouch hold it by the blue handle portion of the test our test strips or five millimeters in with the widest format of test strip which makes for easier interpretation of results this is the portion of the test that will be dipped in the urine be sure to avoid immersing it beyond the max line now dip the test in the collected urine samplev being careful not to go past the max line on the test for demonstration.

Purposes we're using a laboratory or in vile, but you can use any clean container in your home a Dixie cup works fine the test instructions indicate that you should hold the test in the urine sample for about three seconds our personal preference however is to hold it in the sample until you see the day begin traveling up the test

This usually happens within about 10 seconds at this point you can lay the test on any flat surface for display purposes, we're keeping the test pointed at the camera after five minutes interpret the results note that we've compressed the five minute time period into just a few seconds, if two lines can be seen that indicates a positive result or pregnancy.

One line only would indicate a negative test here's an example of a negative result do not interpret results after five minutes that will invalidate the results please be sure to confirm a positive result with your doctor to purchase these pregnancy tests and for all your other preconception products needs visit us today at early pregnancy test came