Minggu, 19 Februari 2017

Pregnant Belly Button Rings

Pregnant Belly Button Rings

Belly Button Ring Retainer For Pregnancy

Today I am going to be changing out my belly button ring I finally gotten too big to continue with the one i have and i just want to share with you the retainer I got how I'm going to clean and prep and my changeup that belly button ring and a little bit of you and I've chosen to do it now so I'm just going to me a little bit closer to me and all my belly and take a look

so I have been paying attention to my belly button the whole time that I have
been pregnant i did stop earlier in the pregnancy at the mall and I picked up this very hard retainer the lady told me up this is exactly what you need is just a kiosk in the mall definitely would not suggest to go this route this I did cleanse and everything beforehand was the interview great size you can tell it's quite a lot bigger than the ring that's currently in there as well as it's not a surgical grade plastic

I now have one can compare them for a year I have since then go on in purchased from an actual piercing parlor a correct surgical grade it's got a lot more give to it it is a bit smaller you want to go down a size if anything with your belly button ring with your retainer so this is going down to size comparatively instead of going up you don't want to try and stretch it more and you want to do the same thing green clean it and everything but don't go with anything that's just a plastic

it has to be cut or trimmed or anything like that you want to use a surgical grade plastic you can trim this once it's in but you don't want to trim it before it goes in also why I chose to do it now because you can see at the top of my ring here that these are tissues actually stretching out and around and it's a pinching with the if I were a different kind of like a barbell this might not be quite such a problem but that scar tissue is starting to come out and you don't want to put extra strain and pressure on that so i'm going to go ahead and remove this one there we go you can see it's not too stretched but it is a little bit red in there to the side going to go ahead and just get my belly wash just open waters fine

you can wash with certain and stay lean or anything like that as well ok so you want to clean everything got alcohol here going to get them all a quick bite though clean that retainer one more time and the other ones i've washed with soap and water because i care really clean inside and be very well so i'm just gonna squish them inside that alcohol swab their perfect now you can go ahead and put on the bottom bead before and you just want to find a bead that is going to come I had some in my collection that were the right size but you might need to buy some from the retailer that is telling you the retainer someone will just come with already on there so that when I'm good and you can just slide that in a good now as you can decide if you want to travel or if you're going to leave it long

now i am going to trim a bit because i don't think i'm going to stretch that far if I do I guess after go back and buy another one but I think for the most part that that is just going to be too long for me so i sterilize my scissors are going to just trim off a bit there and then this is a little bit trickier because it's hard to grab such a little bit but you can just screw on your top speed and once you have it lined up you just the right it on like he did the bottom one and there we have it and that will still have me quite a bit of room to grow it flexes it was by the grows and complex the other way and and will feel a whole lot better I didn't want to leave it too long to catch on things if I do find that I'm going too much then i can always some get that another one they were ten dollars for the plastic retainer part then we have it I'm 31 weeks pregnant now.