Sabtu, 18 Februari 2017

Pregnant With No Insurance

Pregnant With No Insurance

About Pregnancy Insurance Coverage

Mating season comes in today we're going to talk about pregnancy insurance coverage with pregnancy insurance coverage it depends on the state that your, then you might be in a state that requires you to have pay for additional coverage if you want pregnancy covered on your health

insurance policy and there's about thirty seven states out there that require this as or don't require this but make it an additional policy that you know add-on but as a pregnancy is in maternity here is going to have to be covered on every single policy out there

so with the Affordable Care Act they came up with 10 essential benefits into these 10 essential benefits are the minimums that the insurance carriers need to put into their plans and wanted these essential benefits as pregnancy

so if you were in the process over thinking about having a family and you're in a state that this has been something that you had to spend more money on in the past have no fear because as a long as you don't go into labor, you gonna be covered in snot can be a problem.