Kamis, 09 Februari 2017

Safe Bug Spray For Pregnancy

Safe Bug Spray For Pregnancy

Safe Bug Sprays for Pregnant Women

If you're pregnant you want to keep mosquitoes as well as other insects away
But what bugs spray should you use insect repellents with d are safe yes, even during pregnancy and tend to last the longest look for a concentration between 10 and thirty-five percent that's enough for most people.

If you're looking for an alternative sprays with an ingredient called Picaridin are safe and work well too they just don't last as long, look for a twenty percent concentration you can also keep mosquitoes away by treating your clothes with permethrin the best protection comes from wearing treated clothing and using a spray with d

But most times just one of those will be enough for people in the US whatever you use make sure you follow these instructions don't spray over cuts or irritated skin spray it on your hands

To rub it on your face and wash your hands afterwards use just enough to cover your body using more won't protect you anymore read the label to find out how often to reapply and when you get back inside wash your skin off with soap and water.