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Trying To Get Pregnant With Pcos

Trying To Get Pregnant With Pcos

Will I Ever Get Pregnant With PCOS?

My doctor says I have PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome. Will I ever get pregnant with PCOS?
Yes, you can, but there is an increased risk of complications. Being told I have a medical problem, cysts in the ovaries, is so frightening. It makes me feel like something is horribly wrong, and that I’m weird. PCOS affects up to one in ten women in the U.S., so your OBGYN should be familiar with treating it. The doctor says the PCOS is why my period so often skips, why I may not have one for months.

Will I ever get pregnant?
While it may be hard to get pregnant with PCOS, it is possible.

If I’ve got ovarian cysts, could I even carry a baby to term?
Women with PCOS are more likely to have a miscarriage. Because PCOS makes you more likely to be overweight, you are more likely to have prenatal diabetes. I heard about going on the Atkins diet to manage the condition. They haven’t proven that an Atkins type diet prevents prenatal diabetes. There are more problems when a woman eats to get pregnant, and then eats whatever she wants once pregnant.

So I can eat for two, just not anything I want. You’re at increased risk of a multiple birth. Part of that is because so many women with PCOS use fertility drugs, and partially because women with PCOS are more likely to release multiple eggs when they do ovulate. Given all the trouble to get pregnant, double trouble in the form of twins is no problem at all. Except breast feeding them. Some women with PCOS have trouble producing enough milk. But if all else fails, there’s baby formula and breast milk banks at some hospitals.

What is a breast milk bank?
There are volunteers who donate excess breast milk for use by preemies and babies born to mothers who cannot breastfeed. And some of them sell milk, too, if you won’t do formula. Or I can practice my football hold.

What is that?
A breastfeeding position where you hold one baby in each arm like a football so you can breastfeed them simultaneously. It sounds like you literally have all the bases covered.