Senin, 27 Februari 2017

Tubes Tied And Pregnant

Tubes Tied And Pregnant

Pregnancy after Tubes Tied

Bicep Dr. Mary Anne Bowman a viewer wants to know if it is possible to get pregnant after having 422 allegation is considered a permanent form of sterilization now that i said that i will tell you there is about a one in a thousand chance of getting pregnant after you've had a tubal ligation somehow that aid finds a way into an opening in that tube and can get down and be fertilized so it is about a 1000 chance of getting pregnant

after tubal ligation now if you're talking about a reversal yes a tubal ligation can be reversed and the person can get pregnant after that there is a higher incidence of tubal pregnancy because of the scars that are in that tube it is possible to a gets caught there you have a tubal pregnancy and of course that can't be sustained and the pregnancy will not continue in the person generally need surgery but if you're just talking about can you get pregnant after a tubal ligation about a 1000 chance.