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Vitamins For Pregnant Women

Vitamins For Pregnant Women

Vitamins During Pregnancy

There are a lot of very important vitamins and nutrients that you're going to wanna make sure, you have in your body when you're pregnant or even when you're thinking about being pregnant. And one of the real biggies is folic acid. So, this blog is about what is folic acid? When do I need to get it and why? And number three, what are good sources for folic acid, okay? So, here it goes. To start off, folic acid is basically the synthetic version of a B vitamin called folate. It's actually vitamin B9, okay?

Say that three times. Vitamin B9, vitamin B9, vitamin B9. I'm gonna put a quiz up on my site. This is very important, if you're pregnant or you think you might want to become pregnant. Why? Because folic acid can help reduce the likelihood that your baby will develop what is called a neural tube defect such as spinal bifida, and this occurs in the very, very early weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes, before women even know that they're pregnant.

So, it's a really important thing, okay? Two other incredible studies that you're gonna wanna know about that happened quite recently. One study in 2009, found that a deficiency in folic acid could increase the likelihood of preeclampsia, and another significant study that came out in 2013 in Norway, found that women taking folic acid before getting pregnant were 40% less likely to have a child with autism. Now, the women in this study were getting the folic acid, four months before conceiving, and they continued with it during the first eight weeks after becoming pregnant. For this reason,

many medical authorities recommend that all women of child-bearing age get at least 400 mcgs of folic acid a day, okay? So, in all likelihood, if you go to your doctor, you say you wanna have a baby, they're gonna be like, "folic acid, folic acid, folic acid." And they're gonna give you a supplement. There are also lot of foods though that are great sources for folic acid which is really healthy for you. So, we're gonna go through those now. I'm sure you're going to love all of them. Okay. Starting out, spinach. Okay? Popeye knew what he was doing. Eat your spinach. The guy was a genius. It wasn't really for sailors.

It's for pregnant women and it's for women who might wanna be pregnant. Spinach is really good. Also collard greens, romaine lettuce, forget about the iceberg. I'm sorry. I know it's crunchy, but you don't need it anymore. Okay, beans. Pinto beans, chick peas, like hummus, very good for you, navy beans, and black-eyed peas, and not the rock band, [chuckle] okay? Other sources, liver, I know, not my favorite, edamame, really good, asparagus, broccoli, eggs, also fortified pastas and cereals, all really great sources of folic acid. One more word about folic acid.

If you decide you wanna become pregnant or if you are newly pregnant, go over your diet with your doctor and your supplements. Also make sure, you're not getting too much because that can obscure other vitamin deficiencies. So, you wanna make sure you're targeting the right amount. So, I hope this is helpful. Anyone has any other great ideas about folic acid, please share them on the site by commenting on Thank you so much for watching, and best of luck having a very, very healthy pregnancy.