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What Happens If You Get Pregnant With Essure

What Happens If You Get Pregnant With Essure

Essure Tubal Reversal

Extra sterilization has been approved for use in the united states since 2002 it is becoming a very popular form of to blockage essentially what is done in the extra procedure is a small cameras placed through the service into the years the doctor inserts to small coils into the very opening of the to the misperception is that the coils caused the blockage when in fact the coils cause the tubes to scar or he'll close that the difficult thing about this former blockage is that it blocks the tube in a very critical portion of the isthmus portion of the two which is the narrow most portion of the tube as it goes to the wall of the muscle of the uterus is the best

thing about reversing this form of tubal occlusion is that at the time reversal the remaining tube is usually long and healthy and attitude we use to reverse the blockage to reverse the extra procedure we have to perform a procedure called tubo uterine implantation this is a procedure which has been around since the mid-nineteen hundreds and we have commonly done this procedure to reverse other types of tubal blockage in which the the wall of the tube is blocked in the narrow most portion of the years to the year and implementation requires that we make an incision into the opening of the uterus and reinsert the healthy to into the uterine cavity at this time we also removed both of the s.s your coils to prevent any complications from future

pregnancies this has been done as an outpatient procedure we have found it to be safe and when we have reviewed our database of patients who have become pregnant after tubal here iam foundation we found about fifty-seven percent of our patients have become pregnant and this 57% tends to be true no matter if 12 has been implanted or both to have been implanted we found this provides a very nice success rate after su reversal and is very comparable to success rates seen by IVF and in many instances exceed the success rates of idea.