Senin, 20 Februari 2017

When Did I Get Pregnant Exactly

When Did I Get Pregnant Exactly

Questions I get all the time is can you help me figure out exactly when I got pregnant this can be extremely worrisome, especially for women who have more than one partner and the truth is that when all of us even me when we were learning about the birds and the bees no one ever told us one very important fact and that is that sperm can live for five days

that's right sperm can live for five days of the egg only lives for 24 hours that means that a woman can have an encounter on a monday and maybe get on a wednesday but not get pregnant until thursday or friday it's completely normal and natural to feel very overwhelmed by this situation, here's what you can do as soon as you find out you're pregnant make an appointment for prenatal care

don't let fear and uncertainty prevent you from getting the care and information you need, the sooner you get an ultrasound the sooner your OB provider can help you get the information about when you may have gotten pregnant remember lots of women have been in this situation before I'm nurse barb and i hope this has helped you get the information you need.