Selasa, 14 Februari 2017

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

I'm going to show you guys the test just hold on one second let me get the camera down where you can see it alright so this is a test the first one the one at the top it's the one that I took very first morning urine and then I took another one I'm kind of later in the afternoon and i would say that it should not even darker which a lot of people have been saying to me that the Opie kaze i tend to be darker from one to three o'clock in the afternoon so it looks like they are correct i also want to point out that no

I'm not pregnant i have already taken a pregnancy test I did not get up for a positive pregnancy test it was false I took one just because I've heard that positive opk scan indicates pregnancy hormone as well and mean that you're pregnant but I I really didn't expect that I would be pregnant so I went ahead and did take a test though and it was negative so but I'm very really like super excited that I gotta finally a positive opk this is cycled a34 i think yeah so if i have a 14-day luteal phase or the two week wait see if I have a full 14 days before AFR eyes then my 5life cycles are 48 days long so that's like way more than I even imagined but I'm glad to know that yes i do have you no monthly period

that's great that's normal and yes i do ovulate so that is it very good sign that things are working properly however if it takes me a really long time to get pregnant and I will go to the doctor and have some check-ups to make sure that everything is working like it should so anyway that's basically all i have for you guys these are the warm faux strips by the way last time I made my videos i was explaining that I was getting be flashing smiley face on the clear blue digital modulation advanced ovulation kit well I quit using them after the boxes empty tin whole test

I quit using them because it's like thirty dollars for a box and I figure why buy a box it's really not going to help you I mean I'm sure if I'd bought another box then I'd probably gone through five tests before I would have received my peak day test no I did not you know go buy a test to see if it would give me a still smiling face I'm going to trust that this is a positive test I mean it looks positive to me I know if it looks positive or false to you you can comment below and tell me what you think but I mean in comparison to the rest of my 140 ovulation test it is most definitely

nothing like them my lines are always most definitely and much lighter than control then the control line and also another thing I notice is when the strip was running when the urine was actually running over the test strip my test line came up instantly and it was much darker than my control line even so that's never happened so like before the full five minutes is up i knew that it was going to be positive

so I was really excited about that BS cycle day 34 i will keep you guys posted i will probably do a pregnancy test at eight or nine DPO and i will take a video of that and post the results for you i'm not really expecting to get pregnant the cycle i don't i'm not really sure why I just guess I'm not feeling it i don't feel like it's going to happen and I probably should be a little more positive and not being negative about it but I you know just have this feeling it's not gonna happen so if it doesn't it's okay there's always next cycle will try again but now i know that i don't have to take opee case for like twenty five straight days because clearly glow was wrong about what I ovulate and yeah so definitely don't have to take that many of opie case again.