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Best Gifts For Pregnant Women

Best Gifts For Pregnant Women

Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women! | MomPulse Holiday Gift Guide

They also that time of year again where we have to start doing all of our christmas shopping so I put together a list of what I think the top five best gifts you can get a pregnant woman are and i'm not talking about like baby shower gifts and I yang i'm talking about gifts for the imaginary pregnant woman for her herself this is my third pregnancy I mean the first trimester my third pregnancy so I've been ravished times I just know what my favorite gifts to get where when I was pregnant without a chair with you the number one thing on my list is a body pillow best pregnancy body-color you can get in my opinion is this new google pillow

it is amazing it's shaped like a big sea and it's perfect for you to like cuddle up with under your shoulder and your head and your neck and then you can put the other end of it between your knees and there's so many different positions you can sleep in and it's just so amazing i cannot sleep without lightly absolutely cannot that's even when I'm not pregnant i love the thing I've gone through a few different body pillows over the years and this new google is by far my favorite nothing even comes close

next on my list is cranky pops and queasy drugs for you pops and queasy drops are candy that you eat and helps with helps ease morning sickness they were developed by healthcare professionals they are recommended by healthcare professionals their drug free they're all natural and they're delicious you can get them in lots of different flavors and you can get them in sour or sweet and there is a really good they help okies more but it got like ginger in them and they're just awesome so the great especially for someone in the first trimester is really bad morning students are also analysis edition for your labor back because they help with dry mouth and help you an energy boost

so that's a blessed moving down the list we come to gift cards for manicures and pedicures or pregnancy massage now when you're pregnant and further along you get you start to feel you know like you feel fat and frumpy and you start getting self-conscious and you you're really emotional and you just feel ugly you know and it just happens for women so to get a $MONEY gift card to go get your nails done or get a massage go get a pedicure it's amazing it's relaxing and it helps you feel pretty it helps you feel better about yourself so that's you cannot go wrong with that with the pregnant woman pregnancy massage is amazing because you know your back start turning

and you're just sore all over you ache everywhere and pregnancy massage is designed for pregnant women it's not just and typical massage massage for pregnant Lee so that's just amazing number four on the list and this is really no specific order but i would recommend the belly book as it's an awesome awesome get were pregnant Laney and not it doesn't necessarily have to be the belly book that just happens to be my favorite one but a type of pregnancy journal it's so much fun to go back and look at your pregnancy journal after you're done with the pregnancy because you get to remember all those things you're feeling

and the mile different milestones you're going through and I especially like the belly book because it has really cute questions and they're like what are you craving this week and one of the nicknames that you've given your feet is this week if it asks all kinds of cute things and I did it with my boys and I love being able to go back and look through it and compare my pregnancies and see what different nicknames were calling the boys and what I was craving each week and how much weight I was gaining you know that all kinds of stuff to keep track of so I love that a lot of pregnant women don't think to get that for themselves

so it's it's really cute idea and last on the list but certainly not least a house cleaning session my husband actually just got me a groupon for to our house cleaning session for merry maids and I am pumped i'm in my first trimester most of my second trimester but this first trimester I've been exhausted i've been sleeping every chance i get I've been exhausted and like the last thing I've been doing is cleaning my house pretty much just focused on keeping my kids live and make sure they're fed and have clothes on and that I am NOT falling down exhausted so every spare moment i get i'm napping and my house has been kind of just forgotten you know what I do i do the laundry the dishes and spot cleaning here and there but like deep cleaning is just not happened in awhile because i'm just so tired all the time

and when I do get those energy boost i want to spend it with my kids not cleaning so that was probably like one of my favorite things ever I've never had like a maid service before and I was like this such a good idea because you know as a pregnant woman we do get so tired and we do need a lot more rest than we did when we weren't pregnant we needed that more and things just get forgotten so that is something you definitely cannot go wrong with a Merry Maids session some type of health counseling session and Groupon a gift card whatever is just great no matter how far along in the pregnancy

the ideas she is really going to appreciate that so that is my top five gift list for pregnant women there are a lot of other ideas if you can think of any ideas leaving as a comet there are tons more but those are the top five in my opinion i hope the help and the book shopping about you later right.