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Easiest Way To Get Pregnant

Easiest Way To Get Pregnant

How To Get Pregnant Fast Secret Method) Conceive Easy

It's time for another episode of the g spot where your genitals tell it like it is today's show, how do women get pregnant, you probably think pregnancy happens when semen or pre-ejaculate gets into the vagina but what happens after that is where there seems to be some confusion it doesn't matter if you're on a chair or on a bit on your feet or on your head if it's your first time you're less on a box with a fight you're in a hot tub

if you douche afterwards if you're bungee jumping whether or not she has an orgasm before for it in an airplane bathroom like a beach in Spain how come he paid her calm down oh sorry I got a little excited Oh which brings up another point even if a man pulls out before he ejaculate a woman can still get pregnant if you do see when we get all worked up we squirt out a little bit of pre-ejaculate move which can be enough to get a girl pregnant and believe it or not old Peter here doesn't even need to make it inside faded so it's true if semen gets anywhere on the vulva even outside the vagina

the sperm can travel inside and get a woman pregnant who better be careful with this stuff could you throw that away already lovely so what happens then time to go inside and find out inside vagina mom down Pete you're leaking again we're using the vagina cat haha hey still pretty cool huh you might think that pregnancy happens right after sex I know Peter that's not true and if you use that buzzer again i'm getting a catheter was gone thank you as I was saying pregnancy doesn't happen right away the semen forms a pool in the vagina near the cervix

it's called the seminal pool it's an indentation in the vaginal wall just below the uterus standing up won't have to the pill and do she might actually pushed the semen into the uterus are the seminal pool sperm lounging around waiting their turn to go when they do go from the pool into the uterus they go in waves hey so how long does it take to get pregnant it could take up to six days to just fertilize an egg and another six days to implant itself but up to six days afterwards the spawn can leave the pool and head on up through the uterus and into the fallopian tubes finally they arrived they hang out and wait for an egg

if a woman is ovulating and egg descends into the fallopian tube if there are sperm waiting there according to new research the big event decides which sperm gets to enter and fertilize and now she's pregnant right I doubt this is kind of fun she's not pregnant yet the sperm and the a create a zygote a one-celled combination of the sperm and the egg next the zygote turns into a multi-celled three embryo about four days later it starts to implant itself into the wall of the uterus which takes a couple more days pregnancy actually begins when the implanted pre embryo starts releasing hormones that prevent menstration

which is why women miss their periods when they get pregnant right exactly wow I really learned something today don't think about it too hard poor thing you'll just give yourself a heading so that's it for tonight goes hope to see you again soon right here at the g-spot you know what - all night.