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How Can u tell If ur Pregnant

How Can u tell If ur Pregnant

Symptoms of pregnancy

The most people do not notice any specific symptoms indicating pregnancy until they actually test positive for the home pregnancy test some women who are in tune with their bodies to notice them here are a few that may sound like a bit of a cliche but food cravings are a sign of pregnancy it may not be the most shot symptom because sometimes it could all be just in your head or even your body trying to make up for a shortage in nutrients

remember that if these cravings are accompanied with some of the other symptoms on the list start counting the days from your last period some women notice that the area around the nipples start getting dark Oh making the nipples appear larger however this may not be a very good indicator of pregnancy if you have been pregnant earlier or if you've had hormonal imbalance this symptom is usually seen mainly due to the production of atj home on which increases what's the implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall occurs approximately between the eight to twelve days after ovulation

you may experience what's called implantation spotting when you experience a small amount of bleeding for bloody discharge do not fear since this is a normal phenomenon that occurs due to the fertilized egg burrowing into the endometrium or do you train ball feeling exhausted all the time haven't done any real physical activity and your muscles are feeling weary you might be pregnant high levels of projects tron can make you feel like you have run a marathon when all you have really done is put in a day of work at the office fatigue and exhaustion is the hallmark of early pregnancy thought it may not be

a shot symptom combined with the other symptoms it might be a sign ever wondered why your breasts are so so before and during your period pregnancy only enhances the symptoms sore and tender to touch your breasts are early indicators of pregnancy this is mainly due to home on search the implantation of the embryo has caused discomfort due to certain smells and taste some women say that certain days like that of coffee or tea and certain smells cause them discomfort one of the signs of pregnancy is a change in taste although you may not be able to hold on to a specific chase some women see that during pregnancy

they experience a persistent metallic taste in their mouth a lucky few escaped
the symptom a few weeks after you conceive you might experience morning sickness but as early as a couple of days following conception you may begin feeling nauseated and queasy and not just in the morning the pregnancy religion nausea can be a problem morning noon or night if you are one of those women who gets her period on time then missing your period is a shot sign that you are pregnant at this point it's best to try a pregnancy test

a home pregnancy test is one of the Communist ways to test if you're pregnant these kids are cheap and available over the counter at most medical stores the direction are clear and easy to follow all it takes is two minutes and a few drops of a urine if the test is positive it is best to visit a gynecologist to confirm the news your doctor will be well equipped to help you through the various phases of pregnancy and guide you through any queries you might have.