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How To Get Pregnant Quick

How To Get Pregnant Quick

Best Tip To Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

It used to be that you were you know I don't know my twenties and and most of my thirties us to try to avoid getting pregnant and then you go thank God that you just have sex and then you get pregnant but then it gets so complicated these are going to it to you try and then the fertility specialist says you need to try for at least a year and you try for a year and you get frustrated and then you start going on forums and these are reading it and it just makes you grow your hair out but when I turned 40 I was taking a class with a fertility specialist and i think i was 39 at the time and and I was turning 40 and he said at 40 you have less than eight percent chance of having a baby with your own egg and I thought

oh my god it's so true my mother always told me you're waiting too long and you know eight percent chance so the number one thing I tell people it sounds ridiculously stupid to tell people this but time and time again couples who are trying are not tracking their fertility and then it's so important and i know you're using those are ovulation predictor kids but as you get older those are not a reliable source to know when you're ovulating so when you start tracking your fertility you know exactly when you're ovulating because we're those predictor kits it doesn't tell you that you ovulate is telling you that you're having an LH luteinizing hormone search it can't guarantee that you're ovulating

after that and as you get older you know that your hormones and everything else it's it's a it's a little unpredictable so you need to know exactly what's going on he didn't know that you have proper cervical mucus because that's how the sperm travels up to fertilize the egg so that's so important and then you need to be having sex it's like no kidding you need to be having sex but I talk to people all the time and they're not having enough sex you have that window every much question do you know how long sperm can survive in a woman's body in a woman's uterus 72 hours it's three days so you need to know exactly when you're ovulating and then you need to be having intercourse

not just on the day of ovulation you be having it the day before ovulation the day before that and the day before that you can even have the day before that so three days in a row but there's a caveat to that you need to test your partner's sperm count and I talked to so many couples and her husband are the partners putting it all on the woman to do all this lab work and to do you know everything else and I know it's a it's an ego thing it's kind of scary to figure out maybe it's you but thirty percent of the time it's a man sperm low motility lo poor quality low sperm count you need to get that checked

because if you don't have at least seven to 10 million a viable sperm is going to be very very difficult and that's a big problem so you need to go get that test it's so easy you just go you whack off into a cup and then they tested and it is no big deal you need to go do that right away and then if you have enough sperm then you need to be having intercourse you ovulate say your say you're ovulating on day 14 which is not an exact date people think oh I because i have a 28-day cycle ovulate on day 14 I heard a story of a man and woman they tried for years and years and years and finally when they started tracking guess what they were ovulating on day 10 and

there miss ovulation every single month how frustrating and once they figured actually got pregnant right away but say that you're ovulating on gate 17 then on day 14 15 and 16 you're having intercourse and after you and missionary style is best because where we don't want to make those from work too hard to want to make it as easy as possible and then you're laying on your back and you're staying that you're not urinating after sex you are laying there laying there laying there 15 minutes and i like to use I got a tip about that warm water bottle and people ask me where do you put the warm water bottle you put it up against the vagina it's not a hot water bottle is a warm water bottle it just helps excite the sperm so you're having sex on those three days and they're having sex on ovulation so that's what you need to be doing that's the number one tip to getting pregnant.