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Pregnant And No Insurance

Pregnant And No Insurance

No Insurance and pregnant

I'm just going to talk a little bit about what my wife and i are going through since she's been gotten pregnant my wife and I about nine months ago decided that we might be interested in and having a baby and we weren't going to try really hard but we just weren't going to not try and so we started looking into i started looking into getting some maternity insurance because our insurance as we go outside of our company and our insurance doesn't do maternity insurance which I was very surprised to see that most insurance companies don't

so what we did is is I started looking around at other companies that do cover maternity and what I found out is that most of them want to assign a 12 month contract agreeing that you will not get pregnant for the 12 months but go ahead and paying the 300 to 400 dollar-a-month premium for the 12 month duration of the contract will be void if you got pregnant before the 12-month period and then after 12 month period are kind of concern was what could she get pregnant also and then how long would that take after that how long will we continue paying this premium before the insurance kicked in so with that being said that we really were a budget like everybody else and we we opted out of doing that program

well then about two months later my wife was pregnant and where we've been celebrating except for now they now the real cost and everything the real reality of how much everything is going to cost is now hit us so we went to first thing we did a lot of people do is we were told to go to Medicaid and then see if we qualify for any government assistance so we went in there and we don't want my wife and i make over the minimum was just supposed to make it was really interesting though because a lot of friends and a lot of co-workers and people told me that they'd gotten on Medicaid and and that we were too if I pretended like I left there and she went by herself and and pretend like i wasn't going to support the baby and all the stuff that that they would immediately take care of her and and we didn't want to go that route or are try to do anything you know i'm legit so so we didn't do that rope but it's amazing

how many people have this is just one thing but anyways so we went and found out and I got some quotes from the doctor and the doctors that we really really really liked and then felt comfortable with with no insurance was going to cost thirty-five hundred dollars and if you wanted to make payments on that it was going to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of like fifty two hundred dollars which was pretty dramatic to us of 1700 hour difference that's from making payments versus just paying it outright so that was that's kind of a shocker so we will be looking at that beer in my boat we just got that finished paid off when you leave we finished paying that

off just about three or four weeks ago my wife is six-and-a-half months now and we so now i started the next thing let's start looking into hospital see how to get an idea of how much that was going to cost and then that was the real shocker that the Baptist Hospital here was gonna charge us 13,500 dollars and that was to cover the mom and then baby apparently that you got mom's bill and babies bill and that together natal male the rough estimate that wasn't a guarantee or anything like that 13,500 dollars with no insurance pretty much made me want to crap so I I i call them back and I say okay is there any kind of discounts you know we don't have

any insurance we don't have maternity insurance we have regular insurance and they said old was that you have regular insurance then there's nothing that we can do for you if you pay it all off and full will give you a 10-percent discount now so of course if I if I just got paid off in full of that I have been I wouldn't be asking for discounts so so then you know I kind of read about 44 two weeks and a lot of people told me and it's true that if you have a hospital bill you can pay like twenty dollars a month they'll never report it and it's not collecting interest so don't fret of that Ryan everything's fine but then again I don't want to make my kid to be 10 years old by the time I finally pay for it being born i would like to be thinking about college or something you know so so what we decided to do is I I called around other hospitals to find out what we could do

what with the charge be I call this one half of the very next hospital like all right I told him my situation and she told me don't claim my insurance at all she said if I don't claim any insurance and like i said i have regular basic insurance I've been paying it and if you don't claim that all and you don't have any insurance their costs would be twelve thousand one hundred dollars that's normal cost but you get a 62 and a half percent discount if you are uninsured bring it down to like 50 $500 that it's amazing and so and I said you know and she said that's nothing goes wrong and I i try to come back with well if I have I do have regular coverage so something does go wrong at does cover Anna and she said we'll just don't mention that because the only way you get the discounts it's just it's crazy to me because you get punished for having insurance won't pay insurance i just couldn't get maternity because the weird 12-month thing so any other parents out

there who don't have insurance and the freaking out or whatever it turns out after that I called several other hospitals and all of them offer some kind of great program will cut your bill I mean literally that was 60-some percent almost all of them would cut down by forty percent if you could pay it all off they would give you an additional discount and it it's pretty remarkable so I I just wanted to tell people out there guess don't mention your insurance if you're in that if you're in that circumstance don't drop it but just don't report it I don't know if I'm being misleading or not but if the guy next to me who hasn't paid anything is getting discounts and then I'm not getting into stuff discounts because I'm paying just seems kinda wrong so I'm not gonna feel guilty about not reporting my insurance but yeah so just I would you know.